How to hire django developer? Where to look for, interview questions, tips, budget

How to hire django developer? Where to look for, interview questions, tips, budget

It’s not hard to find a Django developer since the framework is quite popular. The catch is finding the ‘qualified candidate’. Millions of freelancers are vying for your attention hiring the right developer will dramatically increase the chances of project success.

In order to find the best resource for your upcoming project, you should know the basic difference each platform has. For instance, Toptal takes care of screening candidates and has a vet process i.e. matching your needs with pre-vetted Django developers.

On the other hand, Upwork is another most visited freelancing platform and they have millions of resources but they don’t do the vetting like Toptal.  This means, you will be spending more time choosing the right candidate for you.

In this blog post, we will be listing the popular and not-so-popular freelancing portals where you can screen out the best Django developers. Interview questions, tips and budget to spend will be discussed as well.

Who is a Django developer?

A Django developer is someone who uses the Python programming language and the framework of Django in order to develop web applications / portals.

To make it better understandable, consider a website with all the necessary functions like login-password generation, form filling, social media sharing etc. Developing all common features/ functions takes time. So instead of developing common features every time, Django open source web framework lets you use ready-to-use components.

We can say, Django framework is designed for saving time and money in the context of web development. However, you need an experienced Django developer who has full grip on the framework.

Searching for a Django developer is like a future investment, the more effort you put in selecting the right candidate, the more fruitful results you’ll have.

Where to look for a Django developer?

Reaching to local development companies could be the first option while searching for Django developers but you will be amazed to know that the community of Django developers is growing and you can find them in as many as 160 countries.

Of course there are freelance marketplaces where you can find both freelancers and agencies. The plus side of these platforms is that you can find a vast talented pool.

We did our research and found some really resourceful marketplaces.

A complete list of freelance marketplaces (freelancers and agencies) for finding Django developers

Popular Not-so-popular
Clutch BeDjango
Toptal WhatBench
Upwork Python Jobs
Django Jobs Gigster
GitHub Django Projects
Stack Overflow 10Clouds
Scalable Path X-Team
PeoplePerHour Developers for hire G2
LinkedIn Django Stars
Freelancer Peerbits
GoodFirms CyberCoders

The above shared list may seem daunting and extensive. If you hire resources, depending on your experience level in managing freelancers, choosing a Django developer from such a large pool of candidates could be challenging.

Interview questions and tips

Here is the list of top questions you should be asking the candidate.

Some tips we would like to share here.

1-Prepare your interview questionnaire ahead of time.

2-Interview questions should be balanced.

3-Do not just ask ‘hard questions/technical’ rather do add soft skill questions too.

4-Do ask behaviour based questions.

5-Remember if you want a specific answer, ask a specific question.

6-Look into the previous work. Reach out to clients the resource/ team has worked on.

BONUS TIP – Ask for dedicated team: When you are in the hiring process, you may come across a team of Django developers scattered around the world. Problem is that you will have to communicate with each one of the members individually – in short, you won’t have the team at one place.

Budget: How much does a Django developer cost?

Although Django developer rates depend on many factors, we can list the average rate in terms of expertise/ number of years of experience.

Beginner: $20 per hour

Intermediate: $39 per hour

Advanced: $125 per hour

Average Django developer rate in US $102,063 / year

Freelance developer $55/ hour on average in US

Average rate of a freelance developer $20-40/hr outside US

How to hire a Django developer: Agency vs Freelancer

There are certain factors that you should consider before hiring an agency or a freelancer.

Django development agency Django freelancer
Project requirements are clear
Even a novice without clear requirements can come and refine his project scope by engaging the business and development team.

Project requirements don't matter

Since freelancers are more concerned with the incoming money. They may not ask to establish a project scope before development. Also, they may not know a thing about business documentation.


An agency offers a complete development package.
Hiring an agency helps you build a team from designing, development to quality assurance. All tasks can be well taken care of by professionals.

A freelancer may only have development skills.
Django developer may only be good at development and you may not get a bug-free code/product/service at the end.



Although, you get all the professionals to take care of your product/service the charges are slightly high if compared with a freelancer.

Freelancers take responsibility for coding and they charge for that one thing which is why they are not costly.


Time constraints, not readily available
Agencies run on setting ground rules. They set a recurring meeting/call with the client at a given date;

Freelancers are usually more available
Usually, freelancers don’t have a tough schedule and they adjust the time and are more available.
Long term projects
Complex and long-term projects are usually handled by agencies.
Short term projects
Freelancers usually opt for short-term Django projects.
Good at management
Agencies take care of the project from start to finish involving design, development, and testing teams.
Poor managerial skills
Freelancers only specialize in one skill most of the time and clients might have to manage the project themselves.


Confidentiality assured

Agencies run on credibility and they by any means keep the confidentiality of the client’s project.

Risk of confidentiality
There may be a risk of confidentiality.
Project support
Agencies offer project support/maintenance.
Cannot expect support
You may not get support for the project from a freelancer.

Top questions you should be asking while interviewing Django developer

1- What command line is used to load data into Django?

2- What styles of inheritance does Python have?

3- How does Django work?

4- What key features are available in Django?

5- How are requests and responses processed in Django?

6- What databases does Django support?

7- How do you set up a database in Django?

8- How do you customize features of the admin interface?

9- What databases does Django support?

10- What caching techniques can you use to improve Django performance?

11- How do you decide where to go with packages, when to optimize them, and when to write code from scratch?

12- What command line is used to load data into Django?

13- How do you manage your time when there’s a tight deadline for a project?

14- Do you prefer working on a team or on your own?

What types of projects Django developers can work on?

There are several types of projects you can expect to induct a Django developer.

1-Complex B2B and B2C CRM systems

2-Custom ERP system development

3-CMS for commercial or in-house projects

4-Data analysis and complicated calculations apps or systems development

5-Communication apps like Instagram, Disqus, etc.

Some popular examples of Django projects & why they used this framework

-Disqus (app was built from scratch on Django, and also they wanted to scale it for millions of users)

-Instagram (process huge data, manage even greater interactions between users per second)

-BitBucket (they didn’t had to build app features from scratch)

-Dropbox (fast development, used Django to store, synchronize and share options for various file types)

-Eventbrite (scale traffic, handle as many hits every second)

-YouTube (originally a PHP based project, Django based now because of fast features upgrades and implementation in the least possible time)

-Spotify (fast development, backend services, and machine learning)

-The Washington Post (allows to handle huge traffic, improved website performance)

Mozilla (not all components in Python but all the new ones – site support and add-ons built with Django)

Recruitment tip - We advise putting up a job description for an entry-level position as you will receive more applications than putting up a job position for a mid-level role. Do not forget to mention details like what are your company services, on which projects the company is working, and company values. This way every candidate can weigh if the opportunity is the best fit.

Final verdict

Django is a proven web framework for web design and development. Hire talented Django developer or a dedicated team – this would reduce risk of project failure. Why compromise when you can speed up your development process in an organized manner?

Whether you are up for a short-term or a long-term web solution, we can help in any case. Schedule a free call with one of our Django/ Python experts today.

Upwork – Phaedra Solutions

Good Firms – Phaedra Solutions

Clutch – Phaedra Solutions

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