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Verified Clutch Reviews

Bespoke web development solutions to optimize your business.

Improve your software infrastructure with well-built microservices, like reliable API and data integration – all at one place.

A top web development company with over a decade of experience in building B2B and B2C end-to-end web applications. Mission-critical enterprise-grade web solutions are hard to find, but not for our web app development experts. Here’s the roadmap for your web application development journey:

R&D and consulting – business analysis & technical research

Our business analysts gather all key requirements from the clients at the initial stage of the project in order to deliver end-product/service as expected. This helps in bridging the gap between the stakeholders i.e. clients, design and web development teams. In case pre-mentioned criteria or features of the project aren’t feasible, they suggest an alternative solution.

Technical research for a web app development starts with the business analysis, however, a thorough research is conducted after acquiring the initial project requirements. Research phase involved finding the suitable front-end and back-end development frameworks.

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Front end development / software architecture design

Solution architects are responsible for designing a software architecture after seeking a clear understanding of project requirements and discussion with the design team. Once the software architecture is finalized; designing, front-end development and UX development kicks-in. Web designer prepare designs in the form of wireframes and mockups which are later used by front end developers and UX designers as a blueprint for designing web apps.

Front end developer is responsible for UX designing, front-end functionalities development, API integration, implementation of front-end security and user authentication, and responsiveness handling. They build UX with JS using dozens of frameworks.

We are ready for challenges of any scale and any complexity. Hire software engineer.

Back-end development – storage and hosting

During this phase, our back-end developers manage services on the back end like backend logic (business logic) ,database handling, data migration, session management, implementation of security for web apps and more.

Hence, the server-side of an application and anything communicating between a database and the browser is under continuous check by our support team of developers.

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Automated and manual testing

Software testing team is an inevitable part of any web development company. Even after the web app is fully developed, there are chances of bugs or errors. Regressive testing procedures which we deploy during our automated and manual testing, ensures bug-free code.

We’ve prepared testing scenarios for automated testing like, unit testing, integration testing, load testing, stress testing, and regression testing. This doesn’t mean manual testing is out of scope as still there are innumerable use cases which need human intervention.


We calculate success through numbers.

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Custom Development

Agile back-end and front-end software design and development, powered by bulletproof code, stunning and responsive interfaces.

Mobile Development

Our thoughtful, beautiful, & user-centered mobile design and development has brought hundreds of applications to life.

Software Prototyping

Great brands convince, convert and inspire and they’re built on a foundation of brilliant strategic prototype design. We’re all about reducing complexity and finding simple solutions.


Processes consume time and so do the projects. This isn’t true. By having integrated and scalable devOps strategy in-hand, we deploy projects in real-time with less time friction involved.

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We have offices in USA, UK and Pakistan.




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