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01 — IT Growth Solutions We Offer

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MVP or Full Project: We Build What You Need

Full Project
Vision Alignment:
  • We delve deep into your goals, audience, and vision to craft a personalized project roadmap that aligns perfectly with your needs.
Market Intelligence:
  • Our research team analyzes competitors and industry trends, ensuring your software stands out with a unique and impactful value proposition.
Collaborative Blueprint:
  • We co-create a detailed project plan with realistic budget estimations and timelines, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.
Tech Stack Tailoring:
  • We meticulously select the optimal platform and technologies based on scalability, performance, and security needs, ensuring your software is built to grow.
Design-Centric Development:
  • We craft stunning user-centric designs with interactive prototypes, fostering intuitive navigation and an engaging experience.
Agile & Iterative Approach:
  • Collaborate on the design, considering branding and user experience.
Comprehensive Testing
  • We conduct rigorous functional, security, and performance testing, guaranteeing a flawless and robust software foundation.
Seamless Launch & Beyond:
  • We orchestrate a smooth launch with ongoing monitoring and optimization, ensuring a successful journey from development to market and beyond.
Long-Term Partnership:
  • We become your trusted partner, providing ongoing maintenance, updates, and expert guidance to keep your software at its best.
Value Maximization:
  • CDelivering a high-quality, tailored software solution that not only meets your needs but exceeds them, driving maximum value and return on investment.
Core Idea Validation:
We meticulously identify the essential features and functionalities that effectively validate your core idea and its potential for success.
User-Centric Flow Mapping:
We map out the essential user journey, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience that resonates with your target audience.
Rapid Prototyping & Feedback:
We swiftly build a basic prototype that allows you to test your concept with real users and gather valuable early feedback.
Focused Iterations & Learning:
We leverage user insights to refine your MVP in focused iterations, accelerating your learning cycle and optimizing your product.
Market-Ready Launch:
We launch your MVP quickly and efficiently, equipped with the insights and user validation you need to attract early adopters and secure funding.

02 — When is MVP and Full Project Used ?

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This is a Minimum Viable Product with limited functionalities, launched to get user feedback for continuous improvements.
Idea Validation
Lower Costs
Faster Time to Market
Early Marketing
Data-Based Scalability

Full Project

This is a fully-fledged and highly optimized product that has been completed and is ready to use or sell.
Mature Market
Focus on Quality
High Competition
Established Brand
Comprehensive Testing
Feedback Collection

03 — Resources In Our IT Growth Solutions

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UX designer
UX audit
UI branding

Quality Asuurance

Defect Management
Process Improvement

Project management

Risk manager
Scrum master

04 — Our Highly Accomplished Projects

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05 — Success Score Of Our Development Agency

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Trusted by SME Leaders


One of the biggest aspects of the relationship is that we can work together as one team

Steve Rilliet

We couldn't wish for a better partner — they've helped us a lot and provide great service.

Andreas Petersen
Lead Developer

Our Revenue increased: the new website immediately gave us better customer experiences and more profit.

Mark Tuckwood

What stood out about Phaedra Solutions was their well-rounded expertise in solving a diverse range of problems


06 — Contact Us

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Let's Talk About Your Idea, And Challenges

2 West Canal Bank Road, Lahore ,Pakistan
500 Grant Street, Downtown, Suite 2900,Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA
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2 West Canal Bank Road, Lahore ,Pakistan
500 Grant Street, Downtown, Suite 2900, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA
3 Dalmeny Ave Huddersfield, Huddersfield, HD4 5NN, UK
DSO-IFZA , IFZA Properties, Dubai Silicon oasis, UAE

07 — FAQs

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Answers About Building A Project From Scratch

What is the “Start From The Scratch” service?

This service helps companies and startups start their project from scratch. It includes addressing all your business needs and proposing a comprehensive end-to-end business growth solution that helps you achieve ultimate business success. It involves a team of highly experienced developers, product owners, scrum masters, QAs, and project managers who offer advanced solutions after developing them from beginning to end.

How can this service help us in business growth?

We validate and refine your ideas by building an MVP of your product to test the main functionalities and gather feedback. After that, we build a solid foundation with a comprehensive business plan and strategy that matches your future goals. We help you in streamlining business processes to optimize your efficiency and boost productivity. Our industry experts take your complex challenges and offer the guidance needed to achieve sustainable business growth.

What types of sub-services are included in this service?

We offer a wide range of services under the umbrella of “Start from scratch” services, including web development, software development, quality assurance, project management, UI/UX designing, and staff augmentation

How do businesses benefit from end-to-end solutions?

Businesses can benefit from our end-to-end solutions in different ways like streamlined processes, better accountability, high quality, cost savings, and faster time-to-market. With a team of highly competent and experienced professionals, we deliver the best IT business growth services for your company.

How Phaedra Solutions can help you with IT growth solutions?

Phaedra Solutions has been in the market for more than a decade and with a team of professionals, we help your business grow in today’s digital landscape. With a wide range of services like comprehensive planning, software development, and IT infrastructure optimization, we help our clients scale their business. We make sure to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors so you can outrank them and witness the ultimate business success.

What is the pricing structure of the “Start From Scratch” service?

The project price depends on numerous factors including your project's nature, complexity, industry, and service purchased. We incorporate several other factors too while calculating the cost of a project including the MVP or full-fledged cycle product. However, you can book a free consultation and speak to one of our experts to get the project estimation.

Start From Scratch