Top NFTs To Buy And Sell In 2022. And Some Useful Insights

Top NFTs To Buy And Sell In 2022. And Some Useful Insights

NFTs were sold all-time high in 2021, making many collectors millionaires. Therefore, we believe 2022 is the time you should be thinking seriously about which NFTs to invest in and what NFTs will stay promising.

Blockchain concepts like Defi and NFT took mainstream in 2021, and we see 2022 even more remarkable than 2021 in terms of NFTs growth and investments.

Investment in NFTs or cryptocurrencies is speculative in nature, you may see a bit of dip in the market and then a sudden boost. However, there are some established marketplaces that we speculate will flourish in 2022 and give you an investment opportunity.

All you need to know about NFTs

In this blog post, we will share the top 3 NFTs to buy and why they are reliable from an investment point of view.

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Axie infinity

3 reasons why you should invest in Axie infinity

Reason #1 Metaverse and cryptos exposure with NFT is blasting and Axie infinity is exactly the place from where you can seek advantage of their growth.

Axie infinity is a ‘play-to-earn’ game developed on Ethereum blockchain and they have their own currencies, economy and virtual land. It is one of the leading NFT-based crypto game which allows players to collect axies (virtual pets), breed them and compete with other digital pets and can build their virtual land.

Each axie is built as an NFT, anyone can buy or sell. The market price for AXS-USD of the axie depends on the features it has.

Reason #2 Axie infinity is planning for a major upgrade in its functionality in upcoming 2022 so more invites to players and the platform will grow further. This means you will be getting a fair chance of earning via this platform.

Millions of new users will be introduced to the new game.

Right now they have 2 million daily players supporting the Axie Infinity and the Axie universe is improvising significantly.

Did you know Axie Inifnity NFT trade volume was at $125.96 million during 1st week of November 2021 out of total NFT trade volume of $128.94 million?

Reason #3 Axie Inifnity will be launching their own decentralized exchange (Katana) and that would help them boost many times.

This exchange will allow investors for yield farming, this means AXS token holders can have another option for passive income.

Those having AXS token and they put them on Katana exchange can earn rewards just by doing so.

How to buy AXS tokens?

You create a digital wallet account on an exchange that supports AXS tokens. Deposit funds (cryptos) and buy AXS tokens. Binance and MetaMask support AXS.

The Sandbox

3 reasons why you should invest in The Sandbox

Reason #1 The Sandbox is a community-driven project. They combine DAO(decentralized autonomous organization) with NFTs and built a new type of gaming atmosphere.

The more NFTs and SAND tokens you have, your vote holds more weightage.

Meta Platform Inc. (Facebook) shocked us when they revealed that they are changing their name to ‘Meta’ and started developing a metaverse. The concept of the metaverse is not new as video games build virtual worlds for players. However, now metaverse is aligned with decentralized cryptocurrency and one of the largest of such projects is The Sandbox.

The Sandbox is a metaverse developed on the Ethereum network where users can create, own and trade in-game items.

Reason #2 The SAND map feature helps you find favorite developers and brands and what’s happening over the platform. It has massive land with segmented areas called ‘LAND’. Each piece is an NFT, they sell for thousands of dollars. Many players have become virtual real-estate agents.

There are around 160+ global brands listed which means with Map you can find your favorite musicians, performers, and influencers and buy as you like.

Reason #3 Facebook announcement of meta and SAND tokens skyrocketed. A tech giant is joining the space considering SAND the competition. The platform allows its users to create almost anything with its feature of 3D editing.

How to buy SAND tokens?

-Uphold, a top US resident exchange that offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies. (UK and Europeans are banned)

-Binance, ideal for Australia, Canada, Singapore, the UK, and most of the investors around the world (US residents are banned)

Here’s a detailed blog on NFT marketplaces.


3 reasons why you should invest in Enjin

Reason #1 Supports multiple use cases and is not focused on one niche. They sell virtual goods in various categories like the auto industry, video games, big tech (Microsoft is using Enjin for their company’s social rewards program), etc.

The multiple use cases Enjin support make it an ideal blockchain platform for investment.

Reason #2 Enjin token is designed in a way that when the adoption increase, its value increases too. Unlike other tokens where blockchains manage to get a surge in adoption but with little impact on token value.

Many blockchains fail because of their token monetization. If you want to use Enjin to create NFTs, you first lock up ENJ. Like if you want to monetize a gaming product, first lock up ENJ tokens equivalent to a product for selling.

Reason #3 Enjin has an active development team. One way to tell if the project is running successfully is that the project keeps on upgrading and the level of development activity.  

When a NFT platform keeps on getting new features and functionality, its a sign that of growth in itself.

How to buy ENJ tokens?

Open an account on an NFT exchange. ENJ tokens are supported by Coinbase and Binance. Have a digital wallet for token storage.

Final verdict

Not only above three NFTs are ideal for investment, but there could also be many others in the market. However, we closely monitored these platforms and gave our verdict. As 2022 is approaching us all fast, if you are looking for investment opportunities, we have tried to provide you an insight.

Digital wallet development, or NFT marketplace development, we can help you in building one.

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