List of most expensive NFTs ever sold till 2022

List of most expensive NFTs ever sold till 2022

Ever since last year, we are witnessing the entry of new players in NFTs buying and selling from celebrities to artists and investors.

There must be something in those most talked-about NFTs apart from being a ‘super fan’ of digital art.

Demand for digital assets is here which is why NFTs are selling like crazy. If you are wondering who are those people who buy NFTs with millions of dollars, they are not just hardcore fans but investors/collectors from the masses (searching for a way to earn a profit).

All you need to know about NFTs, some NFT examples

In this blog post, we will explore the most expensive NFTs sold to date and also the high-priced NFTs up for sale in 2022.

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1-The Merge by Pak (sold for $91.8 million)

The Merge is currently holding the number one spot in the most expensive NFTs ever sold. It was sold by the digital artist Pak which is another big name in the NFT marketplace. The actual identity of the artist is a mystery but this hasn’t caused any hurdle in putting the artist on the top spot.

They don’t just create and sell status art pieces but a collection of masses for people to buy. The more and more people buy from them, the larger their ‘mass’ gets. This could be the reason why The Merge has the most expensive NFT sale.

2-The First 5000 Days by Beeple (sold for $69 million)

A compilation of artworks by Beeple was the first-ever digital auction by Christie and it broke all records by collecting a sum of $69 million. Just for the fact, Beeple is making digital art since 2007 daily.

The art pieces are named Everydays but vary in medium, content and style. Beeple is also termed as the 3rd most expensive living artist following Jeff Koons and David Hockey.

Top NFTs to buy and sell in 2022

3-Human One by Beeple (sold for $28.9 million)

Another art piece from Beeple, may not be the most expensive but certainly the most unique one. Unlike other NFTs by Beeple, this one is a hybrid, meaning it does combine the physical elements.

A human-size sculpture polished in aluminium, and mahogany wood and with 4 video screens creating a total resolution of 16k. The most amazing part is the virtual avatar display which keeps on changing. According to Beeple, he will keep on changing his looks/avatar till he lives.

human one by Beeple

4-CryptoPunk #7523 by Larva Labs (sold for $11.7 million)

It was created by John Watkinson and Matt Hall from Larva Labs and sold for $11.7 million in June 2021. Although, there are 10,000 other collectible characters similar to this particular digital art is one of 9 Alien punks and only with a medical mask on.

This punk was sold at a Sotheby’s auction and the buyer of this NFT is Shalom Mackenzie. He is the biggest shareholder of DraftKings.

CryptoPunk #7523

5-Cryptopunk #7804 by Larva Labs (sold for $7.56 million)

Another pixelated digital art by Larva Labs sold for $7.56 million in March 2021. You may find Cryptopunks similar in their formation but their unique attributes make them look different.

Cryptopunk #7804 is also 1 of 9 Alien punks. The last one had a medical mask on, this one had a pipe in his mouth and wear small shades and a cap facing forward.

For the first time, it was sold in January 2018 for only $14,988 and now in March 2021 for $7.5 million.

Cryptopunk #7804

List of high priced NFTs right now

1-Iris by LOYAL (Up for $69 billion)

This digital art is a collaboration by two artists i.e. Fvckrender and Victor Mosquera. It was last sold for $85,00 and according to Nifty Gateway, now it’s priced at $69 billion.

Fvckrender likes sharp-edged architectural geometry shapes with a dark touch whereas Mosquera is inspired by psychedelia and the intersection of conscious and subliminal.

2-No Justice No Peace by Alex Manrique (Up for $100 Million)

Another noticeable NFT is ‘No Justice No Peace’ released on April 2021 and listed for auction. Alex Manrique, a simulation enthusiast also known as Render Times is a 3D artist from Brooklyn, New York.

Final verdict

NFTs are showing no signs of slowing down and as we can see more and more digital art and other forms of NFTs are emerging. The above list shows the expensive NFTs for now. Worthy noting here is that few people can actually become successful NFT creators, and given the amount they earned, certainly no one can ignore.

In case, you want to develop your own NFT marketplace, we can help.

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