How To Find And Hire Software Developers For Your Startup?

How To Find And Hire Software Developers For Your Startup?

Are you in search of the most talented software developer? Well, you’re not alone.

However, there are many useful tips and methods via which you can access the talent pool in no time and probably according to your job requirement.

Do you know around 50% of the hired software developers don’t meet their job requirements? Adding more to it, 24% of the employers say that they don’t get the right fit. (FullScale)

Clients when reach us, they complain about the poor code, lack of communication skills and delayed delivery – we understand. That is the core reason why we are preparing this guide where we will be guiding how to find and hire software developers, along with the best platforms and set of interview questions.

A cheat sheet on software development outsourcing: challenges, solutions and useful tips

In this blog post, we will stay realistic and address the major problem almost every employer/ client faces i.e. hiring a skilled developer the most efficient way.

How to find and hire software developers for your startup? Some useful tips

They say ‘if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room’ find and hire the best developers from the market. There is a difference between an average and excellent resource.

13 key things to consider while hiring software developers:

1-If you are short on budget, go with a freelance software developer.

2-Finding a good developer and professional is hard, especially in the freelancing option.

3-In order to launch a product fast in the market, opt outsourcing.

4-Use code assessments for hiring software developers

5-Hiring in-house team means securing a long-term team

6-In-house team becomes specialized in your requirement and knows your business and culture

7-Search for someone familiar with diverse software environments, open approach to learn new languages/framework as no one knows every framework and tool that exist.

8-Have someone with strong communication and collaboration skills

9-Creativity drives innovation, a combination of technical and creative skills.

10-Clean coders – best developers make things look easy, not complex.

11-Consider talent over years of experience.

12-When you hire a developer, tell them what you expect – set clear expectations.

13-Do not put misleading job descriptions, fairly common and unethical.

Software development cost guide: Average cost estimations based on regions

Where to find programmers – freelance software developer – in-house development or outsourcing

While researching for a developer, there are three main ways you can get one or the team.

Freelance software developers

Developer or a team who work independently on their own and not under any software agency or with an outsourcing company. Inducting a freelance developer may be the last option for building a software since you cannot rely on the freelancers in the longer run.

You can hire freelancers from Toptal, Hired, Upwork, GitHub Jobs, Clutch, Goodfirms and Stack Overflow. They have a skillset from all around the globe.

Freelance software developer PROS
Freelancer software developer CONS
Cost of full-time software developers sometimes is much higher than freelancers
Do not take ownership of the end product, concerned with their money
Diverse talent pool from all around the globe
Occasionally freelancers can fiddle away your time when fail to deliver – delayed delivery
They work for themselves, flexible schedule
Trust – concerns of confidentiality
Boss of their work, the only managers – single point of contact
Lack of management skills, not all developers are good managers
Temporary employment with the company/ client
Expertise are in one field
Ideal for small projects or single task
Might face communication issues, a developer may be a good coder but may lack effective communication skill

Hire software developers

In-house development

An in-house development refers to experts working closely at a single location. You get project management to development from one team working together.

One key benefit of this method of development is better understanding of corporate culture and the business. Less chances of miscommunication, and less time required in resource onboarding since the in-house team usually has all sorts of developers/ team players in hand.

In-house development PROS
In-house development CONS
Seamless and transparent communication
Building internal team and training takes time
Quick product delivery
Less flexible development process
Good management and little to less chances of loopholes  
Fully dedicated and trustworthy team, high level of professionalism  
Easier to check the work progress  



Outsourcing has many ways, one of which is discussed above i.e. in-house development as part of outsourcing.

Typically, when a client opts for outsourcing he can opt from one of the three options i.e. in-house, offshore and nearshore. Outsourcing is a practice where clients hire third parties for cost cutting purposes or as they lack in-house development team.

Outsourcing PROS Outsourcing CONS
Find team players rather individuals (freelancers) Expensive than a freelancer (though the service will be good)
If you are trying to launch an MVP, outsourcing will help you do faster Language barrier could be a possibility
Project management is transparent and product updates are frequent and timely  
Risk reduction, since service providing companies do care about their reputation  


Outsourcing software development: Common client problems and PS solutions

17 common interview questions you should be asking

1-What’s your preferred approach towards conflict resolution?

2-Do you prefer working on coding projects alone or with a team?

3-Easy with close supervision or like your freedom when working?

4-How vital is it for you to feel challenged

5-What type of work-culture do you like?

6-What do you expect from us being an employer?

7-What differentiates you from other developers? Or what inspired you to become a software developer?

8-When you find errors in coworker code, how do you handle it?

9-What coding languages do you know?

10-What was the first program you ever coded?

11-What type of projects are you working on currently?

12-How do you deal with stressed situations at work? Could be delayed project delivery, coding issues etc.

13-What do you expect from your job role?

14-What’s your favorite coding language/ framework and why?

15-How do you test your own code?

16-Prefer working on builds or maintenance?

17-How do you estimate your project delivery?

Traits for a great programmer

Why prefer Phaedra programmers?

Phaedra Solutions has seasoned software development teams working on almost every business collaboration model. From beautifully crafting user friendly interfaces to finding smart software solutions of any type and complexity – our programmers are the best in delivering high-quality code.

Hire our dedicated team, always go an extra mile for accomplishing client’s requirements and exceeding expectations. A secret ingredient of our success is – dedication and taking ownership.

Final verdict

Generally, it’s challenging to find exceptional coders but not any more. We hope this guide has helped you in some way. We have shared best trade secrets and tips for hiring qualified software developers. If there are still questions or confusions, contact us.

Upwork – Phaedra Solutions

Good Firms – Phaedra Solutions

Clutch – Phaedra Solutions

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