What Is The Custom ERP Software Development Price?

What Is The Custom ERP Software Development Price?

A complete pricing structure for ERP solutions.

You may have found a ready-made solution online but no one is serving the exact purpose you’re looking for? Development of custom ERP software solutions is time-taking but it serves in the longer run.

We find it hard to tell the custom ERP software development price as each ERP system is with a different set of features, number of end users and the applicable industry. However, there are certain ways you can calculate the cost of your ‘to-be-ERP system’.

In this blog post, we will cover custom ERP software development price categories along with off-the-shelf solutions.

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What is custom ERP software?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, helps enterprises manage their business functions seamlessly with a centralized database.

ERP solutions are comprehensive and normally have following common modules:

 Module  Function
 For managing client-facing operations like   sales, marketing, customer support etc.
 Supply chain
 Tracks products from manufacturing to   warehouse, distributors to customers
 Tracks budget, expense planning, core   accounting, revenue and tax management.
 Inventory management
 Companies can monitor material and   supplies via inventory control, inventory   scanning, order synchronization and more.
 BI (Business Intelligence) data driven
 Collects data from multiple sources, and help   the companies make better decisions.
 Human resources
 Manages hiring cycles from recruitment to   onboarding.

A misconception

One of the biggest misconceptions is that ERP systems are meant for large scale organizations or it’s an enterprise-level solution. This is so not true. SaaS solutions are getting popular day after another because they remove all the manual work and make the processes quick and efficient.

An ERP system for a small business won’t involve much complicated features integration but still proves helpful in improving the overall business performance.

ERP vs CRM – what software do you need?

The fourth industrial revolution has brought software solutions for nearly every issue a business may face. However, with so much of a choice there comes a risk of selecting the wrong software.

Before you think of moving to any of these software solutions, beware of the comparison we are sharing below.

 Process - ERP looks into back-end   operations
 CRM deals with front-end customer and   sales data

 Key operations - ERP manages   inventory management, manufacturing,   accounting and finance.

 CRM manages customer appointments,   sales opportunities, customer support,   marketing automation etc.
 Objective - Minimize costs  Maximize profits.

 Budget - Mostly ERPs are expensive   because of the workflows which are   meant for large-sized companies.

 You can get affordable CRM solutions and   some do have ‘pay-as-you-go’ plans.
 Integrations - ERP integrates with   operational tools like warehouse   management system (WMS) etc
 CRM integrates with marketing and sales   tools such as MailChimp.
 Used by - ERPs are used by   accounting and finance, shop floor and   warehouse teams.
 Used by - CRMs are used by sales,   marketing and support teams.

Custom ERP pricing categories

ERP software licensing cost

There are two types of software licensing cost models: one is on-prem model whereas the second is Saas pricing model.

On-prem licensing – In this pricing model, a company has to pay one time cost upfront where the vendor has its own servers and we categorize it a perpetual licensing fee. The fee depends on the number of users and the level of customization.

Maintenance or upgrade costs are excluded.

Do you know?

On-prem users are 2.5x-3.5x more expensive than the Saas users

Saas licensing – maintains and hosts data on third party servers and the customer has to pay either monthly or annually.

On-prem first year spend is likely to be more than the Saas licensing

On-prem vs Saas licensing comparison


10 admin users (finance and operations)

20 manager users (managers, supervisors)

30 standard users (shop floor/warehouse workers etc.)

Total users – 60

on-prem vs saas

A common perception - On-prem option is cheap because you have to pay one-time but it’s rarely true when you pay for internal staffing and maintain data centers.

ERP development and implementation costs

Cost estimation for developing ERP modules is the same as developing any other web app in terms of the resources involved and the no.of hours being spent.

A typical use case for common ERP modules development and implementation costs:

 Resources required  Timeline  Cost based on no.of hours
 1 business head/ project manager  3 – 6 months  $14,400 – 28,800 (rate $30/hr)
 2 backend developers  3 – 6 months  $36,690 – 73380 (rate $35/hr)
 1 frontend developer  3 – 6 months  $18,480 – 36960 (rate $35/hr)
 2 QA engineers  2 months  $16000 ( rate $25/hr)
 1 system admin  1 week  $1000 (rate $25/hr)
 3 API developers

 (prototyping, development and   documentation)
 2.5 months  $46,200 (rate $35/hr)
 3 data transfer resources

 1 tester
 2 months
 2 months
 $32,200 (rate $30 and 40/hr)

 $16,000 (rate $25/hr)

ERP add-on licensing costs

Base price of custom ERP software development does not include the additional resources such as IT staff for complex ERP systems (the ones with on-premise deployment as internal IT staff handles any uprising technical difficulties).

Customer support is another add-on pricing where advanced level support example, access to dedicated customer support manager. Basic support, however, is part of the base plan.

Again depending upon your license, you may have to pay for maintenance and upgrade in case your annual plan does not offer.

Final verdict

Process automation (ERP system sets repetitive and monotonous tasks on auto-pilot), data security (no data breach or damage), and improved collaboration are some top reasons why companies switch to ERP systems.

After going through the cost chart you must be thinking that an ERP system is rather costly no matter if you opt for a custom or readymade option. Still doubting the need for it? Let’s share a cup of coffee virtually and see what we do for you.

Only ERP consultants like us with development and implementation experience can provide the support you need. The support that comes with Saas license only covers product related issues. You need much deeper support for your add-ons, customizations, and more. Reach out.

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