How Can I Hire An Authentic Web Development Company In USA?

How Can I Hire An Authentic Web Development Company In USA?

How many times have you heard of client stories where they get low-quality website /code or resources running off with their money? Well, we listen to such stories daily and that is why we felt the need of writing this blog post where you can learn about hiring the right web development company in USA.

For an easy understanding, we have prepared an outline. Let’s start talking!

Choosing the right platform for hiring web developers

When you start looking for a web development company, typically you go to talent portals like Toptal, Freelancer, Stack Overflow, Upwork, etc. And believe us, you can get the right type of services from them. The reason is clear, they vet the resources themselves.

Here are the top 10 places to find a web developer.

  1. -Toptal
  2. -Hired
  3. -GitHub Jobs
  4. -Upwork
  5. -Freelancer
  6. -Stack Overflow
  7. -People Per Hour
  8. -Dice
  9. -Fiverr

Do you know top web developers and coders are in high demand?

An average salary of a software developer is $71,752 – PayScale

This is simply because each and every business these days wishes for a digital presence and for that they need a skillful web development company.

If you want quality work then Toptal, Scalable Path and Gigster are of help. And if you want a scalable solution that means, cost-effective then UpWork, People Per Hour and Freelancer have communities of millions of freelancers.

Job boards, marketplaces and job matching services are all good but making a choice is difficult based on your project nature.

  • Consider the following factors when looking for web developers through these sites.
  • Project timeline (how quick you want your project delivered)
  • Experience in hiring skilled developers (how the job portal or site hire resources)
  • Assessment of technical skills (whether the site can test technical skills and programming languages)
  • Number of developers required (if you know the work nature, you may know the number of resources for project completion)
  • Remote web developers, local freelancers, or a development company (the type of services)
  • Budget constraints
  • Capacity to manage resources

A Top-grade degree doesn’t equate to quality programming skills

There are times when you are provided with a developer’s certifications and qualifications but that doesn’t justify or mean he or she is a good programmer. A developer may have sound knowledge but may not know the smart solution for your project.

However, we emphasize on the fact that you should ask for such stuff. You can always interview and vet the resource yourself.

You can ask for test samples for code assessment.

Coding standards and frameworks – look for clean and consistent code

A programmer writing 10 lines of code isn’t equivalent to the programmer writing a code in 3 lines for achieving the same results.

A developer can break or make software depending upon his understanding of the coding standards and frameworks. When you look for an authentic web development agency, do look into their work/ portfolio or take a developer for a test drive.

Thing is, if the coding standards are followed, the code stays consistent and can be easily maintained. A clean and consistent code means the smooth running of software.

Don’t be afraid to ask for references – past clients and portfolio

You ask them for references for the same reason you ask any unknown for business. It is good to ask other people what a web firm is capable of. Look into their previous work and most of the portfolio sites should still be live. However, if you come across some websites which are no longer live, don’t hold it against the developer because in this day and time, companies often redesign and they may not hire the same teams.

Your web firm should have a website – a good one

The company you are about to get onboard with must have a website of their own before they offer you a convenient package of web design and development. If they don’t know the fact that a strong website is part of business identity and sales conversion, they probably should not work on your business.

Don’t let any web firm tell you that they were so busy with their projects that they didn’t get time for building their own.

why should your web firm have a website

Original vs templated web design

A strong web design and development agency will design an original project for you. They won’t give you generic or templated designs. Here the price is a good indicator of whether the team is using templates or designing an original. Roughly, if the estimate of your website design is under $1000, you may not get an original design.

We have seen companies charging a ridiculous amount for templated designs and that is not fair.

templated vs custom web design

Pros and cons of templated web design


  • Inexpensive
  • Wide range of templates available
  • Short development time
  • Easy-to-use backend
  • Includes hosting


  • Limited customization
  • Not unique
  • Not built for future enhancements
  • Responsiveness issues

Pros and cons of custom web design


  • Unique design
  • Unlimited design options
  • High-level customization
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Tailored for the target audience


  • Expensive (cost-effective in the longer run)

Pricing – if you are paying little for a website, you may pay more in future

Small or not well-established companies are short on budget and they propose project/feature completion in less number of hours/days. If you are getting charged way low and quick results, this means you are getting a substandard or compromised end product. Soon in the future, you will be contacting another service provider for a revamp.

How big is the team? One-man-band can often cause glitches in workflow

An important consideration because some web firms are actually run by a single person which means project outsourcing. In general, this isn’t bad however, you may want an in-house work environment. This ensures a single point of contact and less confusion.

In case you are hiring a one-person freelance team, do check their work and make sure if they have produced quality work.

Final Verdict

After signing the contract with the web development company you hire, go through proper business documentation and we recommend asking for wireframes first before initializing development. A working prototype clears workflow confusion and the client gets what he expects. Also, this helps the development team in the exact translation of an app or service idea.

Unable to make up your mind? Phaedra Solutions is a full-service web development company and our experts are well-versed with the industry practices. Let’s do a FREE session where our business analysts can help you in getting what you want.

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