How Gitex Dubai Is Changing Technology And Global Economy?

How Gitex Dubai Is Changing Technology And Global Economy?

Gitex Dubai is the world’s biggest in-person tech event since the COVID pandemic. Technology stakeholders from around the world participated in this year’s Gitex. This event is a positive sign of change that we have emerged from the pandemic and moving towards a better and improved digital world.

Do you know 40% of the participants/visitors will visit the Middle East region for the first time because of GITEX?

Do you know 35% of the guest speakers are women?

Do you know 140 countries are participating in this year’s GITEX?

Gitex will unite various technology leaders on various platforms /events i.e. Gitex Global, Ai Everything, Gitex Future Stars, the Future Blockchain Summit, Fintech Surge and Marketing Mania. In itself this shows that the event is unique and the areas it’s covering had never been explored like today.

In this blog, we will explore how Gitex Dubai is changing technology forefront and the overall global economy.

The world’s most complete and experiential technology event

Gitex 2021 is a world’s most complete and experiential technology event given the fact that they are uniting international innovators who will be showcasing their work and thoughts in artificial intelligence, 5G, cloud, big data, blockchain, immersive marketing and fintech.

Total 6 events/platforms of emerging technologies will be covered where thought leaders and innovators can meet and discuss mutual business opportunities.  

Tech exhibit for most futuristic inventions in the world

Flying racing car

Electric car revolution is here and it’s talking to the sky. Airspeeder is the name of the first electric flying racing car, a debut made at the Etisalat pavilion. Alauda Aeronautics  worked on the concept and made it a reality.

This car takes off and lands vertically, 4.1 meters in length and 120kmph speed. The next-gen car is meant for performance racing, released by the end of 2021, expected to hit 160km.

End-to-end retail smart digital solutions

Etisalat is the company offering a complete end-to-end digital solutions for retail that include grocery smart checkouts, food and beverages, fashion – a connected dashboard. The payments’ functionality is improved where a customer can pay through wearables and facial recognition.

Some contactless shopping experiences:

  • Caper smart cart using AI
  • Augmented shopping from Innovent, backend dashboard for transactions
  • Biometrics from Fujitsu’s Fulcrum
  • Smart checkout from Bizerba
  • Advanced delivery solution from Kiwibot
  • Vicki automated vending machines and store technology
  • Pickey’s smart wearable
  • SuperHii seamless checkout solution

HTC’s immersive glasses

You won’t get your hands on HTC smartphones but VR hardware. HTC is showcasing their portable VR headset Vive Flow. A pair of immersive glasses/ a lightweight headset – transports the user wherever they want to go, isn’t it cool?

VIVE Flow can help you medicate with apps like TRIPP, watch TV or movies in cinema sized VR screens, and exercise minds. VIVE Sync, a built-in feature helps you collaborate and socialize with friends and family.

Mimecast CyberGraph AI security system

For email security and cyber security the Mimecast CyberGraph is using an AI led security system. It is designed in a way to use AI for identifying sophisticated phishing and impersonation attacks.

Mimecast detected a 44% rise in brand impersonalization emails in 2020. Now the Mimecast CyberGraph will use AI technology for impersonalization attacks, by developing an identity graph to store relations between companies and their customers. The system alerts employees of potential cyber threats and keeps companies a step ahead of any such potential threats by using machine learning/AI.

The Mimecast CyberGraph is exhibited at the Gitex technology week 2021.

NickWatch by Nickelodeon – first connected smartwatch

Trackimo is exhibiting ‘NichWatch by Nickelodeon’ at the Gitex event 2021. The smartwatch harnesses the advanced IoT technology using real time location tracking and motion sensors  via a dedicated mobile app.

NichWatch has various features related to healthy lifestyle, physical and social activities based games and content, available by the start of next year.

AI in cycling tracks, Neolix delivery robot and Myra cognitive robot

A digital solution developed by EVOTEQ ensures a safer road for cyclists by using Artificial Intelligence in cycling tracks. The innovation is supported by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Neolix is another innovation supported by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority where the delivery robot/self-driving vehicles along with drones for delivery will help safe and easy delivery.

Myra is a cognitive robot built by Nura robotics. She can see, speak and feel the surrounding environment and can perform various tasks. It has advanced machine learning performance and easy programming.

ILaser, another noteworthy medical robot arm for laser treatment and safer laser hair removal. It avoids human error while treating patients.  

Corporations going with the digital only approach  

Every B2B and B2C company is more or less aware of launching new digital initiatives in normal times but very few are capable enough to do so with speed and scale as required during the pandemic. That is the reason why corporations are going with the digital only approach.

We have noticed a credible sense of urgency in most of the companies no matter the size (small, mid-size or large), they prefer customer experiences and want best practices for maximizing profits.

We live in a world where technology is empowering us and building highly personalized experiences and we as end users are more comfortable. So, it’s a high time for companies to build digital strategies and launch products.

The McKinsey report below guides us how we can accelerate businesses during COVID in a digital way. These generalized steps can be implemented in any business.

problems during covid 19 crisis

Fast approach smart cities life for everyone

Many corporations are going with the digital only approach and the fast-approaching smart cities life for everyone. Smart city strategies start with the people and not with technology. The concept isn’t just about installing digital software in traditional operations of the city but using technology and data for making better and informed decisions for a quality of life.

Examples of smart cities:

Dubai – digitizing all government services around 100 initiatives including transport, communications, infrastructure, retail, energy sector, and urban planning. Dubai marketplace is futile in launching products online.

Around 90 government services are digitized and accessible through the DubaiNow app.

Singapore – Smart Nation Vision, collecting digital information from sensors linked to aggregation boxes throughout the city. Almost 95% homes have broadband access.

Virtual Singapore is another initiative which is a dynamic 3D city model and collaborative data source. The data is available for private and public firms for testing digital tools and services.

Smart city technologies help cities get more from their assets, either to start from scratch or have a legacy system for upgrade.

Final verdict

Gitex isn’t just another technology event but the one where people look forward to new innovations and wait for it for the whole year. Although there is still a pandemic going on but Gitex technology week remains important, the event is a welcome change and a testament to the technology resilience against challenges faced during COVID.

We believe technology is the propeller of the economy especially during uncertain times, tech events like Gitex remind us the power technology sector holds and how it can have an impact in the world. Want to discuss a business opportunity, reach out.

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