Average Flutter app development cost 2022

Average Flutter app development cost 2022

"Why should Flutter be your next project choice?"

Cross-platform app development is a new normal replacing native app development (not completely but partially). Flutter is here for sometime now (released in 2017) and making strides in the development community. More than half of the developer’s community all around the world is liking Flutter simply because it’s making development faster and products are reaching their full potential in no-time.

Flutter app development cost 2022 won’t be any different from 2021 except for a few factors we will be mentioning here in this blog.

Do you know Flutter is the second most popular cross-platform framework amongst the top 10 frameworks in the world? (Source – Statista)

In this blog post, we will be sharing the average flutter app development cost 2022 and why you should consider Flutter for your next project development.

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What is Flutter app development?

Flutter is an open source single codebase technology for developing mobile, desktop and web apps for usability on multiple platforms. It’s developed by Google and by far a complete SDK solution despite the fact that the technology is relatively new in comparison to the already existing ones like React Native.

Clients often ask what’s the budget friendly way of developing an app (either mobile or desktop)? Well, depending upon the project requirements, answers may vary. Flutter app development is trending and hot, that’s a constant not variable.

So, why not develop Android and iOS apps at the same time with none other than Flutter app development tool?

Many say, Flutter is ideal for cross-platform app development because it’s not a library or a framework, rather a software development kit (SDK).

We often see that Flutter is compared with related technologies like React Native, Xamarin, and Kotlin. Sure, you develop an app by looking into the tech stack however, getting to know what’s trending is vital. You can read about mobile app development trends here.

Average Flutter app development cost in 2022

How much does it cost to develop an app on Flutter? How much time does the development take? What business model suits my project? Etc. are commonly asked questions.

An average flutter app development cost in 2022 would be between $25,000 – $70,000.
App type (based on complexity) Time required Cost Required
Simple flutter app development
Example, basic apps like calculators, clocks etc.
250-300 hours $25,000 – 40,000
Moderate/medium complex flutter app development
Example, weather apps, apps with user profiling like dating apps
400-650 hours $35,000 – 50,000
Multi screens app
Example, ecommerce apps
600-850 hours $40,000 – 60,000
Highly multifaceted or complex flutter app development
Example, on-demand apps like Uber, Careem
More than 900 hours $50,000-70,000


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How to start a streaming service like Netflix? Features, tech stack and cost

Social media app development cost: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok

However, a skilled US Flutter software developer rate is around $80,000PA. Again, it all depends on the project requirements/features integration, and from where do you hire your development team.

Common app development features Time required (tentative) Cost required
Push notification 4 Days $3,500
User friendly navigation 6-7 Days $13,000
Chat 3 Days $7,000
Payment gateway integration 4 Days $3,500


Flutter app developer’s per hour rates based on regions

Expensive flutter app developers’ rate
Inexpensive/affordable flutter app developers’ rate


North America – $150-200/hr

Western Europe – $50-100/hr

Latin America – $50/hr

Asia – $25-45/hr
Ukraine – $25-50/hr


Thinking of outsourcing your project? We recommend having a resource from Ukraine/Asia as these are popular outsourcing regions plus they offer high quality at affordable per hour rates.

Else, for free consultation reach here: sales@phaedrasolutions.com

Flutter vs React Native: which one should I choose?

Just like Flutter, React Native is the next choice for building cross-platform apps. React Native is based on the popular Javascript language and developers are quite familiar with it. The Hot reload function makes the development faster.

When we look into stats, Statista uncovers that 42% developers chose React Native for development whereas 39% preferred working on Flutter.

39% is still a staggering number keeping in mind that Flutter is new and still growing.

Stackflow survey 2020, 68.8% developers used Flutter whereas 57.9% used React Native for programming.

While some figures may appear not ‘so true’ to you. In such a case, contact an experienced Flutter mobile app developer in choosing the right technology stack.

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Pros and Cons of Flutter app development framework


  • Hot reload, makes any changes appear instantly in the app.
  • Access native features via third party integrations.
  • Single code base makes app testing quick and easy.
  • Reuse Kotlin and Swift, cuts time on mobile app development process.
  • Enable teams to experiment more, since changes can be seen right then and there.
  • Flutter app builder, you can mix and match to build your app in no time.
  • Extremely helpful in prototyping, MVP’s and use testing.
  • Active community of developers offer support too.


  • Flutter based apps may not be supported by a few browsers.
  • Lack of resource base, since the framework is new and growing.
  • Lack of overall support.
  • Apps built with Flutter are in large file sizes and take longer load time.
  • Regular updates and changes might affect development.
  • Standard guidelines are not well-drafted. (although the support is there in the form of blogs, tutorials)
flutter app development pros and cons

Flutter is suitable for MVP development and startups

Market-ready solutions are everyone craving for. Flutter’s compatibility with Firebase eases the hassle of separate backend development for even a simple MVP.

How Flutter is cost effective solution for MVP development

  • Single code base, you don’t have to develop two versions that work on Android and iOS.
  • Flexible user interfaces, improved customer experience.
  • Less time taking, faster development – developers consume very less time to create when they choose to build an MVP with Flutter.
  • Close collaboration between teams is possible especially when an immediate change is required for an app quality.
  • Hot reload function enables developers to do experimentation fast, add new features, fix bugs.
  • Native performance – apps developed with Flutter deliver the best native experience for users.
  • Flutter apps are design and features rich (supports a wide range of widgets), attracting investors more.
  • Best for cross-platform app development.
  • Flutter reduces requirement for resources onboarding, since it has Firebase integration, no need for server side programming.
  • Fasten the time to market.
  • A brainchild of Google, reliability is high, massive community support.

Hire the android app development and iPhone app development agency.

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Can I convert my existing app into Flutter?

Yes, there is a possibility. However, we recommend having a Flutter app code rather than converting the old one.

Step 1 – Install Flutter as a library or a module. The given module must be responsible for handling the user interface.

Step 2 – Create another module, using the same one.

Step 3 – This exercise will start a new project with a different structure. Divide the main code with the Flutter code.

Step 4 – The created module is like a 3rd party dependency for making changes.

Confused? Or afraid that you may mess up with the old code? We can help.  

Final verdict

If you are following the hiring trends, then we advise going for outsourcing a dedicated flutter app development team. Don’t go blindly into outsourcing dedicated teams, if you have a long term project, get a team from offshore or nearshore. Else, for short term projects you can always opt for a time and material outsourcing model.

Your choices, your decisions, requirements, timeline, app type/category, and business goals must be aligned. Companies like Phaedra can help you through the hiring process, share an idea and find the best talent pool. Hire our team if you are looking for android app development or iPhone app development agency.

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