Fixed price model is a great fit for “compact” projects

In a commercial world, different types of contracts exist for a service
or product development from a third party. No matter which pricing
model you choose, it affects the implementation of the project. When
you opt for a fixed price at Phaedra, you wash hands of the affair and
wait for developers to get the job done.

At Phaedra, we make heavy use of the fixed price model and we have
returning customers because of the level of satisfaction we deliver.

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How our fixed price model works?

This model fits perfectly for short projects and as a rule, the duration
could be 3-6 months typically. A mandatory condition for entering into
this contract is the ability of the client in describing the future product
i.e. web or mobile development in crisp clear detail. We emphasize the
client in being abundantly clear about the performance of the final
software / product. In turn, our team of developers work on every
aspect of the project following the Agile methodology and offers fixed
price estimations for the project.

Scrum Principles

At Phaedra Solutions, we rigorously follow scrum principles while
working on fixed price projects as they totally work for a limited time
and budget environment


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