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DevOps consulting & automation

Building resilient systems for continuous delivery and faster product release

Long development cycles halt businesses in need of IT support round-the-clock. Phaedra Solutions is a leading devOps consulting and service providing company which enables faster delivery of large applications by merging development and business workflows seamlessly. From initial interactive mockups to post-launch support, our devOps engineers are here for you. Key benefits our clients reap from our devOps services are: accelerated product delivery, best software quality and cut in costs. What we offer under service implementation includes: centralized log management, virtualization of data, infrastructure security (automated code quality control), and deployment and release orchestration. Here’s what we offer under devOps consulting services:

Infrastructure and configuration management

Here we make use of extensive programming languages, frameworks, libraries and tools for projects of any scale and complexity by segregating the best ones. We capitalize on expertise of our in-house devOps engineers in agile and scrum, we help companies organize team resources effectively. Be it architecting an IT environment or building devOps solutions from zero, we know how things work.

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Environment setup

When standardized IT operations are handled by professionals it reduces the overall costs of a project. We set up an environment where we eliminate unplanned work and automate the majority of critical and time-consuming operations of your project. This accelerates the delivery of the new products by an average of 83%.

Stay ahead of your game, boost your project’s efficiency through devOps service.

Continuous integration and monitoring

Continuous integration ensures validated code is readily available for developers and prevents costly delays in development. This means, updated code availability allows multiple developers to work at the same source code with confidence and saves time. Rather than the situation where they wait for code integration on the release day.

Continuous monitoring is related with the integrations. As integrations are taking place, devOps monitor and identify performance deviations, functional correctness and more before the code goes live. We utilize Application Monitoring Tools (APM) covering web, API and infrastructure monitoring.

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End-to-end delivery

Building workflow where running automated tests and deploying code practice comes under continuous delivery. It’s a software development practice where changes in code from various developers of the team are automatically prepared for the production environment final release. For optimal product release we look into: automation testing, change management, release management and performance optimization.

DevOps consulting services

Businesses normally don’t understand the type of devOps solutions they should choose. Since we have an all-around team of devOps experts capable enough to assess your IT environment and draw a roadmap for devOps adoption. We help you in gathering requirements, providing a full audit report, offering a range of devOps implementation models, estimate costs, workout on custom devOps implementation KPIs, and recommend an appropriate devOps toolchain such as Git, Jenkins, AWS, Docker etc.

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Web Development

Customized and data-driven web experiences to transform your right audience from visitors into evangelists.

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Software Prototyping

Great brands convince, convert and inspire and they’re built on a foundation of brilliant strategic prototype design. We’re all about reducing complexity and finding simple solutions.

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Custom Development

Agile back-end and front-end software design and development, powered by bulletproof code, stunning and responsive interfaces.

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Software Maintenance

Managed maintenance and support services ensure reliable system operations. We manage legacy code, performance issues, fill-in security gaps and upgrade your tech stack.

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We have offices in USA, UK and Pakistan.




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