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Your end-to-end web and mobile software solution provider. From inception to delivery, we plan, design and develop smart workable and proficient solutions.  


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Software design, development & integration

A complete software solution design and development implementation is executed on the basis of automation. We don’t want you to exert an extra effort in any of your business processes. Automation of versatile organizational and client-centric workflows. First, we seek a complete understanding from our client and then dwell our complete software solution engineering team to design, develop and integrate the custom solution.

Upgradation & modernization of technology

Mobile enablement

A complete software solution cycle isn’t just a bond for the web but we equally enable responsiveness on mobile and other devices. We don’t want your business continuity process to break anywhere which is the reason why mobile enablement will keep the data flowing smoothly.

Software testing services

After software development gets done, testing is where we engage our QA and devOps teams to leave no stone unturned. This means a bug-free code is what we offer. Release management, change management, user guides and trainings are also part of our software delivery once we test the software fully.

On-demand support

As we hand over the software, we do offer on-demand support which may include long-term maintenance, depending upon the scope of the project. However, enterprises with a larger workforce are in dire need of a reliable software development partner that can handle their software maintenance and support instead of hiring another team for that matter.

Product development.

Thinking of an idea is easy, execution is tough. Market is volatile as we hear but do you have a professional service provider? From idea, prototype to final product release, we can help your company through the entire lifecycle of a product development. We gauge business analysts, project managers and engineers to build enterprise apps for streamlining, automating and optimizing processes, hence unlocking great business value.


We improve team performance by tracking and optimizing each and every step of the development cycle.



In-depth knowledge enables us to develop an understanding of the challenges a client faces.


Our rigorous internal screening process identifies the gaps and ensures your project is in reliable hands. 


We come up with an effective set of dos, don’t, and hows in the context of future app design and development.


Design and prototyping with the requirements in place once finalized moved to development. 


This phase is about writing the actual code and converting the design into the software within SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle).


After development, system testing and integration start, and if bug-free the crafted solution is implemented. 


Leverage from our areas of expertise and boost operational efficiency
A full spectrum of software design, development, maintenance, and support with scalable engagement models. Either your company is up for a qualified complete software solutions provider for custom solution or someone who can develop a connected software ecosystem, you’re putting your business in safe hands. Flexible workflow and on-schedule delivery, promise.

Software Design Development Integration
Leverage from our expertise for speeding up your digital transformation process. We utilise innovative approaches for design, development and integration for project completion. Full-cycle services we offer mean we cover every aspect of software engineering.

Upgradation & Modernization
With our mobile enablement services, you can transfer your existing products or services on any of the mobile devices. We help enterprises and mid-size companies by enhancing mobility capabilities of their employees / customers through intuitive mobile experiences.

Mobile Enablement
If you have an online business of selling services or products, a custom ecommerce app is crucial for gaining competitive edge in a much-saturated market. Phaedra builds applications that streamline payment, inventory, reporting, and secure business data.

Software Testing Services
A full spectrum of QA services from designing a coherent strategy performing testing types of varying nature, to ongoing support. Our QA experts with years of experience are equipped with the latest skill set that is why they always bring tangible business value.

Maintenance & Support
Mature problem-solvers are we, over several years of experience in tackling challenging business critical projects. Resolving code issues, upgrading tech stack, improving usability in context of legacy system analysis and application modernisation services and in-depth documentation of SRS, architecture design, source code, user guides, coding standards etc.
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