Phaedra Solutions anticipates for all-inclusive and comprehensive project life-cycle services ranging from Requirement Analysis, Design , Applications development (Web & Mobile Applications ), (EAI) Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Re-engineering, Software Consulting Services, Testing and Applications maintenance. Our competitive team manages all the projects with strong dedication to achieve organizational success as to follow the most robust and customer-oriented approaches in all the processes to develop the products/services efficiently.





Applications Development

We are designing the various application programs to develop multiple contemporary functions for the clients/users in order to support the specific functions as to foster the feasibility for them. Our application development services incorporates within requirements gathering / analysis, project planning, execution and management, as well as independent testing, deployment and maintenance.



Applications Maintenance

At Phaedra Solutions,we indulge in applications maintenance programs which are especially designed for software preparation, problem-identification and to tackle those problems by product configuration management system. Our competitive software developers enable us to provide professional support, maintenance and convey their knowledge by exhibiting all the distinctive and exclusive technical capabilities for applications and software systems.



Applications Process Re-Engineering

Our process re-engineering capabilities foster the positive enhancements in order to design and develop an intuitive analysis regarding all the workflows  which focus mainly on the holistic approaches to facilitate our clients.We offer a full and all-inclusive range of re-engineering services for legacy systems including platforms porting, language migration, and end-to-end system re-development.




Web Development

At Phaedra Solutions, our technical team and developers build, create, design, and maintain as to offer a large exposure in website development.We propose highly competitive and professional services to cater all the website development, graphic designing, search engine optimization and web hosting needs. Our web development services enhance our capabilities to modify the designs and expand our exposure in product knowledge that leads to foster all the pre-requisites to our present and prospective clients. 

Mobile Applications Development

Phaedra Solutions flourishes and design an ample variety of applications as to be accessed by mobile platform.All the apps are designs according to the needs of valuable customers.We propose Mobile App Development services that facilitate a smooth provision regarding every size, medium and type of businesses.A colossal variety of mobile apps are offered to run multiple genres of operations for including business, telecom, travel, health and utilities.

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