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Why does my business need a UX audit?

The usability of your website or app has a direct impact on your sales and revenue. In fact, according to Toptal, 90% of users won't return to an app after a poor user experience. By prioritizing user experience, you can save on advertising costs and increase conversion rates.

Our UX audit Process

It's A Fact That Apps That Are Hard To Use Are Not People's Favorites. It Can Be Painful To See All The Features You Have Built Not Being Used To Their Full Potential. A UX Audit Will Give You Clarity On What Needs To Be Fixed. Find Out Today How We Can Help You.

Our Projects

Carbon Copy

We did UI/UX and development for them. It's a learning app that tracks the user's progress and reinforces understanding via quizzes.

  • WebApp
  • Dashboard
  • Insurance
  • Design
  • Developement

Our Projects


An Ecommerce app which lets you send gifts to your friends, family and loved ones with fast & Guarantee delivery

  • WebApp
  • Dashboard
  • Insurance
  • Design
  • Developement

Our Projects


Team of event and technology experts who bring complex event operations to life with the help of proprietary technology, and covers 9 different modules.

  • WebApp
  • Dashboard
  • Insurance
  • Design
  • Developement

Our Projects


AfterCart Shipping Protection is a Shopify app which helps to increase your customers' buying confidence by protecting merchant's shipments.

  • WebApp
  • Dashboard
  • Insurance
  • Design
  • Developement

"The team at Phaedra Solutions takes initiative to provide unique solutions and make the product better."

Food karma, Eugenie Dronneau

"The developers from Phaedra Agency were very understanding. I would recommend them for any engineering work, you need."

Google : Cameron Luken

"Phaedra Solutions were very reactive. They also put in place immediately the right communication processes including daily stand-ups and project management tools, which made the whole interaction and project very smooth. I'll definitely reach out to them next time I have more design work."

"Phaedra Solutions is truly one of a kind out there! They have caught my attention right from the get-go, convincing me with not only their talent and creativity, but particularly their empathy, support and kindness! It was the best decision ever to work with them and I would always do it over and over again!"

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We Are Rated 5.0 By Clients On Clutch

Trusted By Top Companies

Name the industry, whether it be gaming, food, medical, fitness, real estate, or textile, we have aced their trust with our design and development services

Highly Reliable Team

Smooth and worry-free outcomes. Our team is dedicated and consistent in rocking the results. We follow a process which brings success and transparency.

Long-Term Oriented

For us, a journey is as important as the result. Which is why the majority of our clients revert to us in need. We value client’s expectations.

We Are Sensitive Towards Our Work:

We only hire people who align with our professional and our moral values. Which includes honesty, transparency, and above all quality.

Why are we the right Agency?

Strong Portfolio (extensive experience) + Complete software lifecycle services (PM/QA) + converting business requirements into technical + Efficient communication + Quality. We are always open for criticisms and feedback.


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