An ecommerce shop setup done within a month, faster code development and deployment.


An ecommerce shop development resonating with their brand

A client approached us with one of his business processes bottlenecks i.e. his customers were unable to get the run-time cost estimation of the cleaning services they pick. Customers were getting quotations after the cleaning job was done; hence the sales cycle was affecting badly. Also, quotations were handled manually and there wanted an easy workflow automation. Above all, their customers weren’t satisfied because they were not getting cost estimations and they were complaining all the times.

Another major challenge they wanted to streamline was tracking and management of their employees work efficiency. An old-school method of dealing with employees was replaced with admin web and mobile panels where tasks can easily be recorded. Employer wanted work transparency so that he could evaluate the performances of each one of his employees.


We kicked off by creating a low fidelity design as well as high fidelity wireframes in order to offer the most-valuable product possible. Once we prepared the rough skeleton, we used it for real-time feedback and improvisation.

Tech stack

Used by the world's most average companies


An ecommerce shop development resonating with their brand

Phaedra Solutions had been handed the task of designing and developing highly functional and intuitive final product where customer and employee sides were handled immaculately. Workflow of quotation was automated where customers were getting the cost estimations in real-time. Now, they don’t have to call support for cleaning services details.

Second concern of employees’ management was catered by implementing web and mobile admin panels for an employer and an employee. Employer can assign tasks, track attendance, track number of tasks done by one employee, hence assigning duties have become a lot easier.

Backend and Frontend Technologies

Web in ROR and Mobile in Ionic

When we moved to backend app development, we had wide range of solutions to choose from but we picked ROR. It is a time-tested, full-stack framework widely used in web development. Also, ROR the most used programming languages these days. We used Ionic as it’s ideal for building cross-platform mobile, web and desktop apps and contains one shared code base. For Emmaty frontend and backend, we utilized ROR framework whereas for mobile application we used Ionic.

Web and Mobile Admin Panels

Streamlining tasks, mending sales

Improved team performance based on real-time visual data (service pictures). Backend control panels with all the major task management and performance tracking functionality were built for employees and employer. Employer after receiving request from a customer can assign one of his employees with the given task. Employee can start and end his task from the admin panel.

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