A step by step technology startups business plan guide.
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Startup business is hard work, requires a lot of determination and only pays off in the long run. Customers may ‘like’ your product but they usually pay for their ‘needs’. Do your thorough research before divulging into starting a new business.

If you

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Time and material contract example and the ultimate software estimation strategy

If you’re looking to outsource software development, essentially you will find two pricing/ business models i.e. time and material and fixed price. T & M model helps dynamic projects a lot since requirements keep on upgrading/changing where the fixed price model is for projects

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How to start a streaming service like Netflix? Features, tech stack, and cost

In the 1950s, Television replaced radio and dominated the home entertainment media. Now cable TV is replaced by Netflix. The streaming service is creating disruption through technology with a single focus on audience base expansion at a continual pace. 

Netflix success isn’t overnight.

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Unable to hide old product pages indexed on Shopify robots.txt? Easy way to do it, no apps involved

Shopify does not offer editing of robots txt and maintains the files itself. This is troublesome for SEO but you can hide the old product pages by just adding the ‘noindex’ tag into the required page.

Sadly, as of 2021, we do not

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