Fintech payments in the Middle East market, Digital wallet development features, timeline and cost

The Middle East market is ready for rapid change in fintech payments since COVID gave quite a strong push. ‘Research and Markets’ data suggests that MEA consumers are keen in adopting digital payments and even trying new emerging ways such as cryptocurrency, biometrics, QR

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Dubai marketplace structure and why Dubai is lucrative for selling products online?

Dubai marketplace is huge and a hub of millionaires and billionaires mainly because of their business-friendly policies.  Dubai’s online economy has changed a lot before and after the COVID. Historically speaking, most of the UAE residents were reluctant in e-commerce adoption

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Hire dedicated development team, a step-by-step onboarding guide:
Where to look for and what to ask

Major companies in the US (Boston, New York, Silicon Valley, and Western Europe) can’t get enough talented IT people to fill up their openings. Over the last 5 years, developers’ salaries have continued to go up and this is happening because the number of

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Loyalty program app development for a business:
Best loyalty programs, cost & must-have features

Building a loyalty app for your business is more like building a customer retention plan. Small and mid-sized businesses were badly hurt during Covid times in 2020.

“77% US consumers adopted new shopping behaviors i.e. new channels, stores and brands since the initiation

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