Time and resources are deployed as required,
no stretched hours

We opt clients who want to pay at an hourly rate which is agreed upon when the agreement between the two parties is concluded. Team sizes and project requirements change over time thus cost and duration of the project varies.

T&M Model Works Best When Determining The Full Amount Of Work And Time For Implementation Is Uncertain.

Outsourcing companies you get in touch with can inflate the time and budget of your project to infinity as it’s a common fear. But here at Phaedra, we deploy time and resources as per the requirements of the clients and no extra man-hours.

How do time and material contract work at phaedra?

A misconception is, client has to pay for the time of a developer and
the material/software he used. However, that is not true. Time and
material agreement signed between client and Phaedra assumes that
client pays only when the work is done completely or some milestones
are achieved. Milestones are defined by the client.

We work globally

We have offices in USA, UK and Pakistan.




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