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Verified Clutch Reviews

Innovation with precision: We start off with prototyping based on human experience

Converting ideas into an accurate, representational software prototype

It’s hard to bond with the right audience at the first go and we make this happen every day. With our rapid software prototyping services, we convert ideas into software based on comprehensive understanding of the user’s requirements. Simply by making ideas tangible, software prototyping enables risk analysis, accelerates development cycles and saves crucial investments. Here’s how we do software prototyping:

Competitor analysis and requirement gathering

We review similar products in the market and collect sampling data which helps us in visualizing the user needs and making the ideation process much more realistic and productive. For us, there is no point in trying to reinvent the wheel instead we resort to rapid execution. Clear understanding of client’s requirements is important as we identify key objectives and don’t work on assumptions about the final product.

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Interactive mockups – UI and system design

High-fidelity and interactive mockups are prepared aligned with the requirements collected in the first phase of the software prototyping. Before writing a single line of code, our team of UI/UX designers visualize the system which will come into life. In order to mitigate the risk of a finished product which wasn’t required, we use prototyping as a gentle step abstracted from requirements.

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Software development

Preparing interactive mockups is cost effective and a time saving way of avoiding misunderstandings with the development team. Our software engineers start working on ‘plan-of-action’ prepared by senior project managers. The client’s feedback we receive on system design is implemented side-by-side for increasing the usability of the product as it moves on the next testing phase.

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Usability testing

For product’s market validation, we develop and release a marketable proof of concept for testing the functionality with the customer base. The feedback received that way will help in making valuable product improvement changes. Again, it reduces development costs and maximizes ROIs before finally launching the software.


We calculate success through numbers.

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Custom Development

Agile back-end and front-end software design and development, powered by bulletproof code, stunning and responsive interfaces.

Web Development

Customized and data-driven web experiences to transform your right audience from visitors into evangelists.

Mobile Development

Our thoughtful, beautiful, & user-centered mobile design and development has brought hundreds of applications to life.


Processes consume time and so do the projects. This isn’t true. By having integrated and scalable devOps strategy in-hand, we deploy projects in real-time with less time friction involved.

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