We utilize our time-tested proven processes to take your product's first version successfully till the finish line. Our undivided attention adds value.

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What We Do.

Custom tailor-made solutions with industry best practices for SMBs, and startups.

HOW We Do.

Deep and intensive market research on products and services.


Some of the intelligent software solutions we had worked on.


Product Team.

A cross-functional team, responsible for product management and development, product marketing, product analytics. They observe user behavior closely and make changes that add up to the product value. 

Design Team.

Primarily responsible for bringing ideas to life. User experience is at the core of any design based on the research they do to build prototypes later converting into mature software builts. 

IOS Team.

We take on all facets of iOS app development. From simple to a complex architecture, our iOS team can literally build any app of choice.

Android Team.

Design to development to testing and support, we provide full-fledged Android app development to help you build a new app or improvise on an existing one. 

Backend Team.

Backend developers look into the server-side of the applications and databases for a flawless end-user experience. They work alongside the frontend developers for comprehensive digital solutions. 

Frontend Team.

The front skin of the web or mobile applications is usually by frontend developers. They take website design files and convert them into code; usually in sync with the backend team. 

Operations Team.

Sales, marketing, human resources, finance, admin, and recruitment comes under the internal and external running of Phaedra Solutions by the operations team. 

Phaedra VALUES.

In-time delivery.

Tap into Phaedra’s development expertise to accelerate delivery and reduce project costs.
Fixed Price Model


We don’t make false statements, we deliver what we offer in the first place.


Together we can achieve so much, that’s the motto.


We break stereotypes and offer equal opportunities to everyone. 


We build products by taking ownership of our actions. 

Take challenges.

The reason why we innovate daily and growing vigorously.

Ensure competitive edge in your digital transformation.

Retail & Ecommerce

Payment processing software (online payments, credit card processing, secure storage of payment records, etc.), inventory management software ( stock sync with orders, invoice automation, report generation, tracking automation etc.) and Point of Sale (POS) (web and mobile POS systems.

food & beverages delivery.

Registration and profile creation, food search, real-time GPS tracking, discount rewards, loyalty programs, push notifications, review order history, easy payment options, social media integration, reviews and ratings, easy order placement, and app features for admin.


Real-time account value, risk exposure, market data updates, configure and schedule emails, built-in analytics, data security, compliance task management, fraud detection, cross-platform functionality with devices, integration with other fintech apps and more.


Order management (automatic scheduling, real-time optimization), inventory and logistics management (tagging inventory using barcode), supply chain management, warehouse management, real-time visibility across all channels of supply chain and forecasting/predictive analytics.


Doctor appointment scheduling, patient and staff information management, finance management/ robust accounting, electronic health records (EHR), medical billing, insurance eligibility verification, and claim management.


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