The client came to us with an innovative idea of a fitness app for corporations where companies can ask their employees for fitness challenges in order to build a healthy sense of competition. Phaedra helped Steppie turn this product vision into an interactive online platform which works and is not broken.

Previously, they had their web and app versions working poorly. The critical features were implemented in a bad manner and weren’t working as per the client’s requirement.
Handover documentation was missing, health of the latest code was unknown, project scope was undefined. Above all, the client wanted a
trustworthy technology partner for the development of new and old (redo) app features.

Tech stack


Steppi wanted to increase business efficiency by revisiting app ecosystem

Like we said earlier, their app was not fully functional which is the reason why they wanted to revamp some core features in their app’s ecosystem. They understood the need for redesigning their operational processes.
One thing we did exclusively is launching their app on the Huawei app gallery. Already the app is on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Definitely putting the app on the Huawei store improved their reach and helped in more downloads.

Interactive fitness challenege

Steps converts into points Leaderboard for competition

Businesses scale only when companies adopt the latest technologies and automate. Also, if the financials aren’t managed properly, you may never know how much profit margins you are missing. This is what we communicated to them and that is the reason why all of their user roles are defined and each one of them has its own set of features fulfilling the needs.
Now sourcing, communication with clients, and collaboration are fast and efficient. We scaled this business project from zero.


Phaedra considered issues from both a business and technology perspective and worked out a well-envisioned and carefully designed solution. Our ERP/POS solution eliminated the time and effort hassle and aligned their process.
Implementation of an engraving tool, and a fully featured POS system for inventory management helped our client generate 3 times the revenue he was making previously.

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