Dear readers today I want to share some information related Structured data and Unstructured data, If I want you to define data in own your words can you define it? if yes then comment below, and I define DATA, as data is nothing but Raw facts and Figures but what about structured and unstructured data?

Structured Data:
Structured data means the data that we have its turn into information which means this data now giving us useful information such as the data that we have in database or CSV files is formatted, organized proper data we let this data to be a structured and we stored this data in proper format like we stored this data in RDBMS or Spreadsheets etc.

Unstructured Data:
The data which is not organized, unformatted such as the data included in email, audio, video or we can say Almost all of the data we produce in a digital world is unstructured.

A very good information that I get from simpli: IDC estimates that by 2020, the digital universe will contain more than 40 zettabytes of data. That’s 40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. They also estimate that 90 percent of what we call “Big Data” is unstructured data. And this big data can be handled with the help of applications like Hadoop. (Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework used for distributed storage and processing of data-set of big data using the Map-reduce programming model. It consists of computer clusters built from commodity hardware).

But as we have some understanding of structured and unstructured data, but what about Semi-structured data?

Data somewhere between structured and unstructured data such as It is not organized in a complex manner that makes sophisticated access and analysis possible; however, it may have information associated with it, such as metadata tagging, that allows elements contained to be addressed.

And we can understand more clearly about semi-structured Here’s an example: A Word document is generally considered to be unstructured data. However, you can add metadata tags in the form of keywords and other metadata that represent the document content and make it easier for that document to be found when people search for those terms — the data is now semi-structured. ref :

So, this is my short summary that I shared with you about Structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. I hope everyone finds this information is useful :).

Thank You for reading,

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