If your shopify store showcases a variety of products and that too in multiple categories, the following tools and integrations can be of great use to you.

Manually uploading products is in effort, not only this but there are countless other time sensitive things that come into play during order processing if you are dealing in fast moving items. Such as 

  •  managing orders at store and marketplace,
  • inventory and price synchronization with big stores (if you do that)
  • shipping management
  • Order refunds and tracking . 

Doing each and every task manually is tough and time consuming. That is why a third party integration is a solution here. 

Some popular Shopify Walmart integration apps are:

  • Walmart Integration
  • Walmart Importer
  • Walmart-CA integration
  • Sellbrite

On the contrary, we will be discussing a simple Chrome extension via which you can easily import products from Walmart to Shopify. Also, some insight on Walmart Integration app. 

Methods of product import – one click importer

There are different methods for importing products from Walmart inside Shopify but they are manual and will consume a lot of precious time. Third party integrations are quite popular as we mentioned the top one above. However, another simple way is installing a Auto DS Chrome extension for hassle-free product import. 

Auto DS is a one click product importer which helps businesses import products in less of a time and focus more on their business generating activities. 

Product selection and import from Walmart store

Head over to Walmart store and select the product you wish to have on your Shopify store. There are sales on Walmart store every now and then, you can reap real benefit fromthose sales. 

Pick one product as we selected a robot cleaner. And go to the product page. 

Shopify Walmart integration

As you can see a button saying ‘Import to AutoDS’. Once the button turn orange, your product is imported. 

Head to your Shopify store dashboard and there you will notice a product in draft. 

Shopify Walmart integration

Product customization after import

You will see the imported product. Click on the product and you will see product optimization/customization options. Product, description, variants, images, and item specifications are the given fields for customization. 

Shopify Walmart integration

Shopify Walmart integration

After making custom changes, press ‘import’ button given on the top right side of the screen. That way, the product will move from ‘drafts’ to ‘products’. 

Product will be live and anyone can buy from your store. 

This is how simple it is. It only takes ‘one-minute’ to import a product. 

Walmart Integration app

Walmart Integration app is one popular way of importing products from Walmart to Shopify.

The app offers real-time product synchronization allowing sellers to upload products on Walmart with a single click and import the orders placed on Walmart.  

Big plus of this app: It allows you to upload/update products on Walmart either one by one or in bulk without affecting the current Shopify store listings. Also, the app auto syncs with the orders placed on Walmart with the Shopify store for quick shipping. 

Now you have to take 10-15 minutes for Walmart marketplace application. Also, they trend to emphasize on having following information. 

Shopify Walmart integration

The app is free to install.

Here is the Shopify app store link: https://apps.shopify.com/walmart-marketplace-integration 

Final verdict

Boost product visibility/ endless exposure, safe and fast sales transactions, exceptional customer service, manage prices according to the marketplace, run promotions on products, real-time product synchronization, easy product order and inventory management, refund management etc. are some obvious benefits of utilizing the Walmart platform for business expansion online. 

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