Shopify allows generating discounts natively from the admin panel but there is no easy way of generating multiple codes for the same discount offer/type. 

Being a busy entrepreneur running business online, you can use some useful Shopify discount code generator apps to generate unique codes automatically.

We have looked into app store rating, number of app reviews and top features resolving the pain point of Shopify store owners.

In this blog post, we will be sharing top Shopify discount code generator apps and will also share ‘how to generate discount code within Shopify’ in case you are not into bulk discounts. 

Dcode discount codes in cart app (free but with a plan)

Primary function of this app is to allow customers to add discount codes before checkout.You can add discounts in whichever way possible via built-in features and with other discount apps. However, if you are specifically looking for this functionality Dcode app is ideal. This app is free and available with a plan – 14 days free trial.

Customers often want to redeem their discounts at the checkout. Make it easy for them by adding a discount field into the cart page or any other page. 

Shopify discount code generator

AVADA discount code generator app (free)

So far AVADA is the best discount code generator app through which you can generate unlimited discount code and can import custom codes in mass quantity. In just few clicks, you can create a unique discount code pool. No manual code generation any more, save your time and put it to effective use elsewhere. 

Most of the Shopify store admins want to generate massive discount codes for the same discount so that they would share unique codes to their customers. AVADA app has done this commendably. AVADA discount code app supports one-click installation.

Shopify discount code generator

Seguno bulk discount code generator app (free)

Another best app for bulk discounts is offered by Seguno with the name ‘Bulk Discount Code Generator’. You can literally generate massive amounts of unique discount codes. There is no limit. These discount codes are helpful in personalized marketing efforts. Import large amounts of unique codes into Shopify discounts. 

Here the important thing is, this app only generates code for Shopify only unlike AVADA discount code app.

Shopify discount code generator

FelixD simple discount code generator app (free)

For different types of discounts, you can use this app for generating codes. A shopify store can have random codes with a prefix of choice. Also, importing code in CSV is easy. Also, seamless integration with the Shopify admin. Configuration of discounts is easy as done in Shopify discounts section. This means, the app offers a seamless integration with Shopify admin. 

Shopify discount code generator

Shopify in-built discount code generator

The above shared apps help in automation of multiple discount code generation in just few clicks. Shopify in-built discount code generator is a manual way of doing it. 

If you are not interested in bulk discount code generation, then this method will work for you. 

How to generate discount code in Shopify?

Go to your admin dashboard and click on to ‘Discounts’. On the top right side of the screen you can see ‘generate code’, click on it and it automatically fills in the discount code field with a unique code. 

Select the discount ‘type, ‘value’ and check if the discount applies on the entire order or specific collections. 

Shopify discount code generator

After doing this, hit ‘Save’. 

Final verdict

Manually entering discount codes in Shopify stores is time consuming and tiring. We suggest using the above recommended apps as they are totally free (except Dcode) and you can rely on them for generating unique multiple codes in a hassle-free manner. 

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