More than one million businesses are using Shopify currently. And, Shopify has nearly 11% of the total ecommerce market share. The number of shoppers who bought from Shopify merchants increased by 52 percent from 2019 to 2021. 

You can imagine the platform’s growth. 

Development of a Shopify app and selling it on the app store are two different concepts. You may be a good developer but this won’t let merchants download your app for their Shopify store. You need to find the gap ‘what merchants need’. 

Here in this blog post, we will be exploring Shopify app ideas that can actually help you make millions of dollars as these ideas are validated and will work. 

Shopify app ideas that convert

1-Upsell and cross sell apps

Candy Rack 

Upsell apps are in-demand and this one-click upsell and cross sell app is  for all your collections and product pages. They say, there is a 30% sales boost. When the customer clicks on the add-to-cart button, a pop-up containing the upsell offers/products appears in a simple yet effective manner. 

Bold Upsell 

This app is good in a way that store owners can try multiple times for upselling or cross selling if the first attempt doesn’t work. He can convince a customer at the checkout.  

Other popular apps: ReConvert (not only the process of purchase a customer can buy but he can also buy from Thankyou pages i.e. post purchase), In Cart Upsell

2- Marketing automation apps

Klaviyo – email integration

For email and sms marketing automation, Klaviyo app gives a seamless experience. Shopify owners can integrate Shopify data within minutes. Target emails and sms for new and returning customers. 

Omnisend – email sms marketing

Email and sms marketing automation helps in selling more. You can recover abandoned carts, reactivate lost clients and engage them in their buying journey. A one-click Shopify integration, email templates, pre-built automations and more. 

Plug in SEO

SEO optimization, broken links fixing, add JSON-LD Schema, Alt text, on-page SEO, periodic SEO scan reports, training video, and quality support.

Other popular apps: Avada, Drip, Privy, Active Campaign, Vitals

3-Shopping cart apps (discount, shipping, abandon cart, bundle app)

Discounted pricing – Booster Apps

The Discounted Pricing by Booster Apps helps in generating more sales by offering the right amount of bulk discount. In short, do the discounted pricing in bulk the right way. 

Better Shipping – Atom Yard

Store owners can set shipping rates individually for each product or variant. They can cover almost any shipping scenario. Free shipping or rates with discounts on multiple products, discount offers on more spending etc. 

Bundles – PickyStory

Pre-defined bundles, a bundle builder, buy X get Y, discounts, quantity breaks, mix and match, keep inventory auto-sync. 

Other popular apps: Advanced Bundle Products (Mageworx), Free Shipping Bar (Hextom), Volume & Discounted Pricing

4-Marketplace integration apps

Amazon marketplace integration app

Connecting to Amazon marketplace all around the world, multi currencies support, multi lingual support, currencies conversion, sync seamlessly with Shopify stores, import orders automatically. 

Etsy marketplace integration app

Manage listings, inventory, and orders on Etsy. Advance product listing, real time sync i.e. product details of inventory, price etc., advance order management (with or without tracking), and more. 

Ebay marketplace integration app

Easy Ebay bulk listing, real time syncing/ auto syncing of product catalogues (product title, inventory, pricing and order details), and flexible product templates. 

Other popular apps: Walmart integration, Wish marketplace app, Catch marketplace integration

5-Landing page builder app


Landing pages for homepage, collections/ product pages, blogs etc. Any theme is editable, reusable templates, create ClickFunnels, and empowering 18,000+ active ecommerce brands.


Develop high converting product/landing pages. It is the biggest element library with full access. Design with reference in mind or from scratch. Also, works well with themes and is compatible with Shopify. 

Other popular apps: Automizely page builder, LayoutHub easy page builder, Pagemunch landing page builder

6-On-demand printing apps


A print on demand dropshipping and warehouse app. Not just t-shirt printing, add designs to more than 275 products of top rated quality (from clothing to homeware), no need to worry for inventory management and shipping – all taken care of. 


Find products for selling on Shopify. Customize AliExpress dropshipping products and sell directly on store in a few clicks. ‘You sell first, buy later, so there’s no paying suppliers until your customers pay you.’

Other popular apps: Sprocket, AliExpress Dropshipping, Ali Orders, Modalyst

Final verdict

You must be thinking that all these above apps are quite popular in their niches and how would you be able to create a difference? First, you get ideas about what sort apps are ‘in-use’ by Shopify store owners. 

Second, you can improve ‘the user experience’ or add an offer or offer a longer free trial. Thing is, you can work on your monetization strategies once you improvise on the features of the app. Remember, ‘there is always a better app version people are waiting for’.

Short of ideas or unable to implement them? We are your technology partner, reach out.