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Robust QA testing services throughout the development cycle

You can’t afford a single bug to ruin your project.

Hire QA experts from Phaedra Solutions who deliver successful solutions by minimizing risks via rigorous software testing practices. Multiple parameters for testing are planned and executed while a project is in the development phase such as functionality, behavioral, performance, scalability, compatibility, unit testing etc. Here’s how we offer our services and processes under software testing practices.

Strategic planning and documentation of use cases

A comprehensive analysis of the project requirements depending upon the size and nature of the software development, we devise a software testing strategy and plan its execution. Why? To analyze system architecture and software technologies for any sort of discrepancies. Also, this helps in identifying the loopholes at the early stage of the project and saves cost.

In order to keep QA team sync, we make sure well-written test cases inside documentation are available to any member as soon as changes in the requirements are made.

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Manual software testing

Although, we have automated testing tools readily available in the market but they can’t overcome the significance of manual software testing services. Reason why is, there aren’t enough use cases one can predict. Inside manual testing we conduct smoke test, GUI test, database test, sanity test, exploratory test, functional and regression testing, product verification testing, browser compatibility testing and end-to-end testing.

Streamline your workflows, implement proper QA strategy.

Automated software testing

For long term projects, we recommend our clients automated testing since it’s a test-efficient method and mitigates cost. We do unparalleled depth, precision and speed while doing automation testing for the functionality of the web applications. Prepared use cases by our software testing team are conducted cross-browser by simulating real user actions.

Following tests are part of our automated software testing services: functional testing, regression testing, field validation testing, UI testing, cross-browser testing, integration testing and smoke test.

Automated Software Testing tools
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API integration testing

Whether third party or the ones developed by our team, we make sure they work as expected no matter what. However, we strongly believe with API automating testing QA tasks could be done faster and effectively. So before deploying any integration, we can determine if the API meets the tester expectations of functionality, reliability, performance and security or not.

This is a challenge for both testers and developers, which is why testing the APIs continuously is important for maintaining the quality of the developed code.

QA consultation services

Phaedra Solutions do conduct independent QA services for third party apps and solutions, whether providing the software testing services or just the QA consultation. From functionality to security testing, we’ve got you covered completely. By having us on your side, you can sit back, relax and focus on the growth of your business.

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Today’s technology, tested for tomorrow, built to last. We’re well-versed in performing automated and manual testing for delivering high-end software solutions.

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