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Popular 3rd Party Integrations

Sync Shopify data with 3rd party APIs. We do pre-built and custom Shopify integrations.


Is any of your price plans for free?2020-11-04T10:21:12+00:00

No, but our starter and basic price plans are reasonable for entrepreneurs.

Can I migrate my store from another platform?2020-11-04T10:21:32+00:00

Yes, we’ll be glad to help you out. Shopify platform offers special incentives and our Shopify experts can assist with the product and design migration.

What integrations, payments and apps support do you offer?2020-11-04T10:22:01+00:00

We have worked with many payment solutions such as PayPal, Stripe, Visa, Square etc.

What other integrations can you offer with Shopify?2020-11-04T10:22:13+00:00

Built-in integrations include Mailchimp, Google, Facebook, POS , CRM etc. For details, consult our experts.

How much do you cost for custom theme design and development?2020-11-04T10:22:18+00:00

It depends on your theme selection and customization requirement . But it may cost from $500 to $2000

Do I need a separate web host or website?2020-08-31T11:59:26+00:00

Yes, Shopify does offer web hosting services in case you want to start a store setup.

Do you offer annual plans?2020-08-31T11:59:41+00:00

Yes, we do offer 25% discount.

What are the payment methods?2020-08-31T11:59:57+00:00

You can pay through PayPal, credit card or direct debit.

Can I change my chosen price plan?2020-08-31T12:00:14+00:00

Yes, you can. Kindly contact us for support.

What if I start selling more or less?2020-08-31T12:00:34+00:00

That is great if you start selling more. You can change plans to suit your order volume and active marketplaces.

What if I have a billing question?2020-08-31T12:01:17+00:00

Our Shopify support team is amazing, your billing question will be resorted by a real person. Kindly contact us for support of any sort.

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