Salesforce commerce cloud pricing structure appeals to online retailers in many ways. First, Salesforce does not charge upfront licensing fees (Magento and Shopify Plus do), Second, pricing tiers are scaled, the amount merchants pay shows if their business is performing well or not. 

Salesforce is not like Shopify where anyone with few cents can use the platform, they only want serious store owners who are focused on making their eCommerce stores huge. 

Salesforce has recently made few changes in order to accommodate SMEs looking to use this platform and also offer competition to Magento, Shopify Plus, and BigCommerce. 

In this blog post, we will be helping you understand SF commerce cloud pricing and what factors can affect the pricing.

Average cost of Salesforce commerce cloud build

A Salesforce commerce cloud build varies depending upon the features and Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). SF commerce cloud can start from £180k and can go up to £1m and above. This all depends on the complexity of the features. 

The average cost of Salesforce commerce cloud build ranges from £250k – £600k

Although, there isn’t much of a pricing gap if we compare the platform with Magento.

Salesforce generally appeals because of its native features, be it, Einstein, for personalization, or Machine learning which tells the retailers about popular searches, and recommends the hit category products. 

The best part is, the SF commerce cloud also integrates with SF Marketing Cloud and Commerce Insights.

Use case – £5m online single-store rough estimates 

Here we are taking a single store example with £5m GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) and the store is expected to reach up to £20 in 3 years. So here are few important costings:

  • 3 years licensing cost would go up to £375k
  • SF commerce cloud build cost £200-300k
  • On-going development cost £18k
  • The cost of any third-party integrations will go separate. 

Three core Salesforce commerce cloud pricing tiers

  • Starter tier – This tier suits single store owners who have 1 website/store and 2 price books. In this SFCC pricing tier, 1% GMV is charged.
  • Growth tier – This tier suits mid-size businesses with up to 5 websites/stores and 10 price books. In this SFCC pricing tier, 1-2% GMV is charged.
  • Unlimited tier – This tier suits large-scale companies with complex features. In this SFCC pricing tier, 2% GMV is charged.

Salesforce commerce cloud pricing for B2B:

Salesforce commerce cloud pricing for B2C: 

How Salesforce commerce cloud pricing structure is lucrative for small-scale merchants?

The annual licensing fee of Salesforce commerce cloud is around $150,000 / yr. However, here the noteworthy point is that they do not require this large licensing cost upfront which in a way protects the retailer from huge loss. 

“SF commerce cloud pricing tiers are scaled (as you have seen above), so the amount you pay shows whether your business is running well or not. If you face a loss or dip for a certain time period, you do not need to worry about paying more to SF commerce cloud which is the case with other commerce cloud platforms.”

SF commerce cloud license cost covers hosting/server management, pre-peak planning & provisioning, platform security and maintenance, CDN management, code quality assessment/validation, platform upgrades, etc. 

Core factors Salesforce commerce cloud considers

Although Salesforce does not charge licensing fee upfront, there are some parameters they look into while considering any commerce site/store/business.

  • Total no. of stores/websites
  • Website total traffic
  • International shipping
  • Currencies integrated with your store
  • Languages option
  • Store/website bandwidth
  • SKUs

Final Verdict

Salesforce tends to get more involved with the businesses majorly because of their GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) model. Where we are looking into the pros of SFCC, we should not ignore the fact that there aren’t many highly qualified agencies or certified Salesforce developers if we compare the SFCC with other commerce cloud platforms like Magento. 

If you want to have a detailed discussion with one of Phaedra Solution’s certified experts on SFCC pricing or any aspect of it, feel free to contact. Let’s see how we can work together.