App ideas are everywhere in technology world, the thing is you have to look into the ‘problems’ surrounding us for ‘solutions’ in the form of an app. We suggest keeping a running log of app ideas and keep adding to it. 

“You need more than one good idea to find the winning app idea.”

Although you will find this blog through an internet search, we recommend ‘do not search for app ideas’ online because they are search engine optimized and most of the time clickbait. You will hardly find workable ideas that way. 

We have decided to write down a detailed strategy which we have used and generated fine results. In this blog post, we will be guiding you in a step-by-step manner regarding ‘how to come up with an app idea.

How to come up with an app idea?

Step 1 – Sign up on App Annie and go to ‘Top Charts’

First you need to go to App Annie and sign up. App Annie is one of the top tools for accessing top apps and their reviews and finding gaps prevailing in the marketplace. 

After signing up, you have to go to ‘top charts’.

How to come up with an app idea

You can see ‘United States’ is selected as the US has the largest app market and on the top right you’ll find a date field. Also, you can see ‘free’, ‘paid’ and ‘grossing’ rows in the screenshot.

We will be looking at the ‘grossing’ field which will tell us which apps are trending. 

Step 2 – Select the category and evaluate over Sensor Tower

Now you have to select one niche/category in order to see app ideas. For instance, we pick ‘health and fitness’. We will select the ‘grossing’ field and now you will have the final data for evaluation. 

How to come up with an app idea

Now i want an app on ‘fasting’, i’ll search for the term. You will find 4 fasting apps in the top 100 results. 

For instance, we pick ‘BodyFast: Intermittent fasting’ and go to another tool i.e. ‘Sensor Tower’. 

This is like, you had an idea of ‘fasting’ app and now you are looking to the closest competitor i.e. ‘BodyFast: Intermittent fasting’. 

If you are trying a unique app idea and not sure if there is a market, you may be investing in the wrong direction. Your money and your efforts.

Sensor Tower tells the number of app downloads and the revenue particular app is making. This BodyFast intermittent fasting has 200k downloads and $400k/ month revenue. 

How to come up with an app idea

These are good numbers, so maybe you can work on the fasting app idea. Validated!

Step 3 – Check reviews ‘critical’ and ‘favorite’

Critical reviews will tell the gaps a top grossing app has and where you can work for your app. Favorite reviews will tell the favorite features where you can work on those features and may improve on the user experience one way or another. 

How to come up with an app idea

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Look out what types of apps are getting funding

Work on your investors i.e. in what types of apps they are investing in. Get a list of accelerators/ websites; VCs, thought leaders, accelerators usually share their thoughts on funding new business ventures in their blogs. 

Check out their portfolio pages and see hot niches, problem statements, disruptive technologies etc. 

Again this a research-intensive approach will get you an idea which will work in any case. 

Validating the app idea

Crunchbase – did the app raise funding? Are investors investing in the app? If yes, this means the idea is workable. 

Competitors – are your competitors in top grossing charts? If yes, this is a hint that your app idea would work too. 

Google keyword planner – it’s a tool for keywords research. How many searches are there for an app idea/keyword?

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Final verdict

Finding an app idea requires a great deal of endurance. However, if you follow a strategy like the one we shared, you will get app ideas really quick. 

If you have any questions related to app ideas, validation or development, contact our business managers. You can discuss your app idea and get validation and estimation. 

Contact us to get hybrid app development services or if you need a web app development company.

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