The Cost of building a Shopify store or how much does a Shopify expert cost must be investigated thoroughly if you have decided to launch an ecommerce business using shopify and you are looking to get it developed.  

Similar to how one calculates the investment on building a physical store – these two questions enable you to identify the investment required in launching your digital venture. 

Shopify experts or developers charge depending upon the project requirements, design, areas of expertise and their location but the majority offer services on an hourly rate or task rate. 

If your project or requirements aren’t complex, you may be able to hire a Shopify developer for as low as $25/ hr. The more custom changes you need, the more that project will cost you, it’s simple. 

It can become challenging to find the right Shopify developer as you don’t want overcharged services. 

In this blog post, we will see how much does a Shopify expert cost inside the US and outside the US. 

Shopify expert cost – US developers

Cost range of US Shopify developers starts from $50/ hr and can go up to $150/ hr. There are multiple factors defining the cost of Shopify expert depending upon the type, difficulty and the volume of work involved. Also, rates depend on the developer’s experience – the more seasoned a developer is, the higher his or her per hour rate would be. 

Rates of Canadian and US developers on average $75-$100/ hr.

Shopify expert cost – Non US developers

Cost range of non US Shopify developers starts from $25 and goes up to $50/ hr. This rate is typically applicable for developers from Asia. Basic setup costs around $500 whereas if you want some custom features not the complex ones, you can expect additional $250-300.

Time and cost of projects are directly proportional to each other. If the project is complex and you want a large-scale Shopify store, it will take around $1000 approx for full Shopify store development. 

Freelancers are comparatively cheaper but less reliable with long term projects. Don’t opt for per page price as this makes no sense. You may be using the same page template for multiple store pages. 

However, per hour makes sense for custom work but only if the scope of the project is undefined and changes are expected. This won’t ruin you in terms of money. 

Where to find the best talent pool and average rates?

There are typically 3 sources which you can use for hiring Shopify experts. 


The platform is ideal because it is the longest running freelance source where you get a global talent pool. It caters to almost any kind of business. 

How much does Shopify expert cost

However, if you search for ‘Shopify expert cost US’ you will get a range from $45-75/ hr on average.


A ratings and reviews platform for services like IT, Marketing, Shopify development etc. More than half a billion buyers and sellers use the Clutch platform for their services and the use base is growing. They have grown more than 50% from last year. 

Clutch screenshots below show the leader matrix where they are listing top 15 leaders. However, you may find them expensive. 

How much does Shopify expert cost

How much does Shopify expert cost

Average rate of Shopify experts at Clutch ranges from $25-$200/ hr. 


Shopify is not only a hosting platform for your online store but it does offer Shopify developers for all sorts of stores. One of the pluses of hiring a resource from this platform is that you actually get the authentic resource. 

On average, the cost of Shopify experts on Shopify varies from $500-15000. This means not a single resource but a team of Shopify experts in case you have a big scale project. 

Redesign cost ranges from $10k-15k

Custom build cost ranges from $25-75k

Hourly rates ranges from $20-150/ hr

Final verdict

Shopify development per project makes sense for projects with very clear scope.  Devil is in the details.  Add 50% to what you think it may take in time. It is not difficult to connect with a Shopify developer with low rates, however getting the seasoned Shopify developer at reasonable pricing is the real catch here. 

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