A capable full stack web developer is hard to find. No doubt, you may find intermediate to advance level skilled resources, however, have you asked yourself ‘why everybody is hiring and nobody is getting hired?’

Probably, getting a skillful full stack developer is not easy.

Full stack developer is an engineer who can build web apps and it’s one of the best career choices these days. This job comes with great growth opportunities as well as handsome salary packages. 

What does a junior full-stack developer earn? What is the highest-paid full stack developer salary? When do i need to hire a full stack developer? Or should i prefer hiring a dedicated team?

In this blog post, we will answer the above questions and more. Full stack developer is not hard to find but also hard to afford. Clients often ask if hiring a full stack developer worth their money? They can hire 2 resources with the same budget but we say it depends on your project size, technology stack, and how soon they want to push their products in the market.

Full stack web development

A full-stack web developer is kind of an all-rounder who can work on frontend and backend technologies with quite a proficiency. This means engineering and managing systems, databases, servers, and handling of clients. Such a range of capabilities often attracts clients to hire a full stack developer as this reduces the cost of employment while adding value at the same time. 

Skills a full stack web developer must possess are:

-Frontend technologies and frameworks 

-Backend technologies and frameworks

-Database management systems

-Version control systems

-Soft skills (strategic planning, analytical skills, etc.)

For details, read here about what does a full stack web developer do? 

When to hire a full stack web developer?

This depends on your project size and need. Often startups are with tight budgets and want their product to be launched as soon as in the market. 

Full stack developer has multiple skills which are why hiring one may save you cost for hiring other resources. Also, this speeds up development as one resource is handling multiple tasks. 

However, we shared a general idea but full stack developers can be helpful where the project needs a catalyst effect or want things fast-moving (except for the fact, the developer must be that skilled).

Average salary of a full stack web developer

Salary ranges from junior, intermediate to senior level

Just like other software engineer salaries, the pay of a full stack developer depends on multiple factors. 

Average salary of a full stack web developer is US is $75,958. Typically it ranges from $46,303 (junior level full stack developer) to $114,183 (senior level full stack web developer) – PayScale

ZipRecruiter, shared that the annual full stack developer salary ranges.

Junior full stack developer salary in US – $80,000

Senior full stack developer salary in US – $116,500

Do you know where full stack developers are getting highly paid?

Denmark and Sweden are paying the highest salaries to full-stack web developers according to FRG Technology Consulting Salary Survey

Indeed shared a full stack developer salaries in UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, South Africa, Spain and Sweden.

How much does a full stack developer make

Glassdoor another top full stack developers hiring platform shares the data according to which average base pay of a full stack developer is $114,495/ year. $79k is the junior-level full stack developer salary.

How much does a full stack developer make

Factors affecting the salary of full stack web developers

Experience Senior resource is getting up to $157k

Junior resource is getting up to $79k

Location Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark – the highest paid locations (Indeed)
Basic Skills HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, backend frameworks, database, web storage skills, and web architecture
Soft Skills Strategic planning, analytical thinking, basic user interface knowledge, problem-solving skills, time management and communication skills

Final verdict

No matter how brilliant an idea you have for a startup, it must convert into a real-life product, and for that, you need a development team. While considering full stack development, it’s worth recalling that the payment will differ worldwide based on geographic locations and experience evidently. 

You can hire full-stack web developers from Glassdoor, Indeed, Upwork, Clutch and GoodFirms. Else, contact us for full-stack web development services. 

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