MDL stands for “Material Design Lite”. It is a free and open source library used for website’s designing and its a look like material design.

It is a Visual Design language developed by Google in 2014. Visual design means a system of communication using visual element just like a paper.

  • Material Design provides consistent for user in multi platform for example mobile, laptop and tablets.
  • Material Design provides visual representation of design like 3d design.

The web designer who has used the Bootstrap framework will understand material design lite right away.Material Design lite is the mixture of Html, css and java-scripts and also available components for developer. We can use the components to construct websites like bootstrap.MDL is free to download and use, its a open source. MDL used naming conventions like bootstrap. MDL also used flex-box so old browser are not supported MDL. Material Design Lite uses a 12 column grid for desktop screens, 8-column grid for tablets “up to 800px”, and a 4-column grid for mobile screen sizes “up to 500px” so we can make a responsive design by using MDL.

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