Does Shopify take a cut? Understanding processing fees of Shopify payments and payment gateways

No, Shopify does not take a cut even the basic most Shopify plan enables you to list an unlimited number of products without paying any listing charges. And this is one of the biggest plus points if we compare Shopify platform with others like

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Why do most Shopify stores fail? | Getting traffic but no sales on Shopify in 2021? Key points for making sales

Devil is in the minor details. Small things make the biggest difference and because they are small/minor things we often miss them the most, causing Shopify stores’ owners to bleed a lot of money. 

You would be surprised when you read this blog

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Best Payment Gateway for Shopify in 2021 for US and non US Residents – An Alternative for Stripe, PayPal and Shopify Payments

Payment gateways and dropshipping is one big love-hate relationship that we see in the e-commerce industry. 

When you buy from a physical or brick and mortar store, you have to pay for the purchased product to the cashier. In the same way, when

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How to increase conversion rate on Shopify in 2021 –
Tips for high converting Shopify product pages

You are going to generate all of your income from your product pages, that is where people will add stuff to their carts and buy. 

Do check your sales funnel, you will see some gaps and improvements required. Even if you are doing

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How to get more sales on Shopify this holiday season?
28 – points checklist to double your Shopify store sales.

For many store owners, the holiday season is the best in terms of sales. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of endlessly tweaking your Shopify store for perfection instead of spending time on ‘getting people to your store’. 

Do you

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How to become a 6-figure success on Shopify in 2021? –
The most successful Shopify stores usually opt these practices

Every single day, there is a new marketing tactic or a growth hack. When you first get into the dropshipping business, figuring out the best channel of marketing is tough. 

In this blog, we will be talking about simple yet fast ways of

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