Your store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging?
Do try this easy solution

Are you getting this error message ‘your store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging’ when you submit for Instagram shopping? Many startups and small businesses rely on Instagram for selling products and they face this error, no matter how much they try.


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What not-to-miss in the shipping policy template Shopify? BONUS: List of free shipping policy templates

You can set the right expectations around your shipping times and costs when you prepare a shipping policy template. Commonly customers ask questions around shipping like ‘how many days will it take?’, ‘how much shipping charges do you charge?’ etc. 

A well-documented shipping

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Does Shopify take a cut? Understanding processing fees of Shopify payments and payment gateways

No, Shopify does not take a cut even the basic most Shopify plan enables you to list an unlimited number of products without paying any listing charges. And this is one of the biggest plus points if we compare Shopify platform with others like

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