Shopify app ideas that can help you make millions in sales every single year

More than one million businesses are using Shopify currently. And, Shopify has nearly 11% of the total ecommerce market share. The number of shoppers who bought from Shopify merchants increased by 52 percent from 2019 to 2021. 

You can imagine the platform’s growth. 

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Unable to hide old product pages indexed on Shopify robots.txt? Easy way to do it, no apps involved

Shopify does not offer editing of robots txt and maintains the files itself. This is troublesome for SEO but you can hide the old product pages by just adding the ‘noindex’ tag into the required page.

Sadly, as of 2021, we do not

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Top 4 FREE Shopify discount code generator apps & Shopify in-built discount code generator

Shopify allows generating discounts natively from the admin panel but there is no easy way of generating multiple codes for the same discount offer/type. 

Being a busy entrepreneur running business online, you can use some useful Shopify discount code generator apps to generate

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How to integrate Salesforce with Shopify? Add new Shopify orders as Salesforce leads

Salesforce integration with Shopify helps in synchronization of orders, and customers. When an order is placed on Shopify, it would automatically create on Salesforce, this means tracking data is much easier.

Without even a single line of code, you can integrate Salesforce with

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How to create Shopify collections within collections? Easiest ways to do it

Sub-collections or collections within collections organize site structure where child categories/collections are nested into the primary/parent category/collection. 

Collections and tags are used for managing and filtering the products and a great way for sorting similar products under one group. Tags help in further

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