NFT marketplace development: Features, timeline and cost

Marketplaces like Axie Infinity, OpenSea, Rarible, etc. are epicenters for NFTs funding. Why so? Fact is they host multiple NFTs, opening doors for more revenue in comparison to direct NFT development and selling.

Quick trading, high interoperability, transparency, ample liquidity are appealing features

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What is NFT crypto? Why do people often buy NFTs with cryptocurrencies?

Cryptos and NFTs are selling like hotcakes and almost everyone is thinking about investing and becoming a millionaire. The crypto art investors think that’s because of pandemic and rise in bitcoin prices mainly. 

NFT crypto is a digital asset built on blockchain technology

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NFT marketplaces: Where do people buy NFTs, and how to know what nfts to buy?

Do you know NFTs market is valued at $250 million? NFTs are no longer a passing fad; nfts are getting popular within cryptocurrency space and even moving beyond. 

For starters, NFTs are unique digital assets, can’t be replaced and represent real-world assets like

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All you need to know about NFTs, some NFT examples. Why are they worth millions of dollars?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, each one is unique, a digital asset and can’t be replaced with anything else. They have become popular recently. You may have heard of Nyan Cat gif sold using NFT or the founder of Twitter sold his autographed tweet

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Cryptocurrency is a purely digital currency, founded on computational code breaking” was modemized by
Satoshi Nakamoto and proposed “Bitcoin”. It is “a digital medium of exchange that has been designed to act like cash”. What made Bitcoin special was its ability to bypass reliance on any centralized

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