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Threaditionz scaled Threaditionz View Case Study Shopify app for custom-made menswear

Meet the six-figure traditional menswear brand that’s creating ripples in the local industry.

Threaditionz Slide Threaditionz Threaditionz mockup Shopify app for custom-made menswear

Meet the six-figure traditional menswear brand that’s creating ripples in the local industry.
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Threaditionz is our in-house product for menswear. From picking the niche to identifying the right market, what consumed the most of our energies was getting designing user friendly platform and the right technology stack. ‘The technology we should be using to run a business should make life easier, not harder’ is what we all agreed upon.

Time we spend troubleshooting software is time we could be spending on higher-impact activities for the business—and ideally, software helped us identify what those activities are, too.

The story starts in 2018 when we did a market research on men clothing lines in Pakistan. Surprisingly, we didn’t find any such men brand which offers ‘quality and innovation’ at reasonable rates.

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Proposed Solution

Global market for menswear is estimated to be more than US$450 billion where the share of Pakistani menswear export is just a meager 1%. Not just the lack of global export but menswear in Pakistan is either too expensive or low in quality parameters. ‘Quality menswear at competitive pricing’ and ‘lack of innovation in menswear’ as compared to women fashion apparel were the two main driving forces for us to come up with the ‘Threaditionz’ brand.

‘Threaditionz’ is for those who love decent custom-made dressing with proper fittings and men’s accessories.
Another major finding during our market research was poor ecommerce stores performances. Loading time of their stores was poor, some of the major shopping cart features were missing, lack of inventory management tools integration, multiple steps for customer checkout, and most of the online stores were relying on manual work.

A proper functioning and scalable online Shopify store without any glitches is what we thought was much needed.

Tech Stack

Backend and Frontend

Hosted storage for backend

Payment getaway

Inventory Management Tool Integration of Third-Party POS

Right from the start, we were adamant of the fact that we need to minimise inventory costs and maximise sales and profits. For that matter, we integrated inventory management tool in our store system which helped us a lot in automation of manual tasks alongside records accuracy, and customer satisfaction.
Third party Point-of-Sale integration enabled our online store in controlling their logistics, operations, and finance from a singular system hence reducing errors and improving our work efficiency. We integrated a separate tool seamlessly with our POS in order to extend core functionality of the system.

Shopify Doesn’t Offer Custom Pricing, We Do 2Checkout Payment Gateway

One of the development challenges we found while building a Shopify store was of custom pricing. As we know Shopify allows you to set pricing in whichever currency you want and converts pricing for different regions accordingly. However, you can’t customise pricing for different regions. Our Shopify developers dealt with the problem pretty well and now product pricing can be customised for any given region.
Multiple checkout steps – a big hassle for an online customer. A core factor in shopping cart abandonment rate is a long series of steps for order placement. We have successfully integrated a 2-step checkout payment gateway, making product purchases easier for online buyers.


Custom Theme Development for Front-End

Shopify Hosted Storage for Back-End

Shopify does offer theme development template options for front-end development but we customised it according to our business needs. There are some themes for sale in the market but one of the drawbacks of such themes is that they can’t be configured easily. Also, we didn’t find the right combination of features, support, content priority and the brand feel that we were looking for.
For backend development, we used the hosting services of Shopify itself. Ultra-fast and scalable storage is one of the plus points of Shopify platform. Unlimited bandwidth/storage, high performing cloud servers and fast deploy lead us in opting Shopify for backend development and support.

Emails Integrations

For marketing purposes, we did third party email integrations. For emails, we have integrated Mailchimp. That way, our user base remained informed about our new updates.

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Architectural Workflows

1. Hide Out-of-Stock Products and Pause Marketing Efforts, and Republish Products When back in Stock

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2. Review High-Risk Orders Before Capturing Payment

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3. Automate Your Inventory Management and Reordering for Low-Stock items

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In the last 2 years, our sales has improved 3x times and we keep on enhancing the functionality of the platform like 3rd party integrations.

We work globally

We have offices in USA, UK and Pakistan.




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