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Draper Slide Enmass Energy emass A cloud-based energy supply procurement and operations platform

Deep visibility, low and predictable supply chain costs, faster and more reliable delivery times
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It’s pretty hard to manage spreadsheets and dashboards manually for energy supply services. Client had a realization and he wanted something secure and reliable like a cloud software platform where he could manage data analytics, logistics infrastructure and hands-on supply chain management through incorporation of advance technology frameworks.

Enmass energy builds and operates supply chains for unpriced waste to energy commodities or third parties. Sourcing, communication and collaboration alongside reporting, insights and more was among core client requirements. They had a dedicated team of energy, operations, logistics and data experts and all of them weren’t able to collaborate properly because there wasn’t a digital platform for handling manual work. In short, they were in dire need of automated and comprehensive cloud-based solution which we did in no time.

The founders of this project had been working on energy issues for years, and turned their attention to the energy crisis in developing countries in 2012. They worked on the power projects in South Asia and they believed that they had an innovative solution for energy scarcity.

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Tech Stack









Proposed Solution

We made EnMass Energy a global digital cloud-based procurement and operations platform making waste to energy easier for suppliers and customers alike.

Different systems were designed in order to meet the business needs of the project. Cache admin web portal, customers web portal, suppliers web portal, mobile app (BuyCycle) for US waste suppliers, multilingual mobile app (PaudaPay) for farmers (Crop waste suppliers) and multilingual mobile app (PaudaPro) for agents to work on behalf of illiterate farmers.

Now they can manage their suppliers, agents and customers through our proposed and developed solution. We have provided suppliers and customers their separate portals within a centralized platform where admin can also manage finance for small- and large-scale projects.

Proposed Solution

Architecture Flow

Architecture Flow


Web portals for admin, supplier and customer

Role were defined in order to develop portals with relative ease. Inside admin panel, we integrated following features i.e. user management, finance management, reports management, partners, logistics, procurement, broadcast, and support.

Similarly, supplier portal has statistical dashboard, waste sites management, notifications and messages, FAQs, profile management, chat and support.

Customer portal has statistical dashboard, projected sites management, purchase orders (shipments), watchlist for upcoming shipments, billing history (invoices), profile management, chat and support.

Workflows automation, and finance management

Businesses scale only when companies adopt latest technologies and automate. Also, if the financials aren’t managed properly, you may never know how much profit margins you are missing. This is what we communicated to them and that is the reason why, all of their user roles are defined and each one of it has its own set of features fulfilling the needs.

Now sourcing, communication with clients and collaboration are fast and efficient. We scaled this business project from zero.

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Even though the project has its MVP launched only, yet their customers are increasing and more and more suppliers are boarding. Thing is, their reporting, insights and deliverability has improved manifold.

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