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Mr.drapper Mr. A web & mobile app for booking expert stylists

Curated shopping experience:
Customer retention got doubled, sales improved by 50%
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Draper Slide Mr. Draper Mr.drapper mockup A web & mobile app for booking expert stylists

Curated shopping experience: Customer retention got doubled, sales improved by 50%
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A UAE based client came to us complaining about his ill-starred website, poor customer retention, and he didn’t had mobile version which is the reason why, he was losing 50% of his total traffic. We proposed development and functional enhancement of their poorly designed and badly optimised website.

The client wasn’t getting much orders from the website mainly because the customer cycle was breaking due to poor navigation and slow page speed. They wanted a total revamp in a way that their order making process gets automated.

Curated shopping websites which we studied during our ‘research and development’ phase revealed that most of them had complex and lengthy buying processes or we can say time-taking where a customer has to book order and wait for confirmation before receiving it on his or her doorstep.

Mr. Draper required a user-centric process automation for web and mobile application where appointing a stylist was done putting intelligent algorithms together.

The customer had been into this project for quite a long time, changing vendors and trying different frameworks and backend technologies. To avoid dragging this project, they launched the platform half-baked. Eventually when they approached us they realised that they wanted to extend the solution’s functionality and revamp the whole website design. Considering Phaedra Solution’s past experience on the same tech stack. The client relied on our web app development services

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Tech Stack

Backend and Frontend

Mobile App

Push Notifications

Calendar Integration

Payment Method

Proposed Solution

As the platform had multiple problems in both backend and frontend, we first audited it in order to evaluate the scope of rework. Later, we implemented a number of useful features mainly focused on simplifying the user interface.

A unique curated ecosystem developed for web and mobile where men can get hand selected clothing from expert stylists. Our dedicated development team expanded functionality by streamlining the booking process the easiest way possible.


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Backend and Frontend Technologies:

We utilized Ruby on Rails (ROR) for frontend and backend development of this project. Firebase for push notifications and Payfort (native online payment module) as a payment method were integrated. Stylists appointment setting was automated through algorithms, one of the prominent features of this web and mobile app.

Mobile app development, they were losing  52% of their traffic

We don’t just sell services but we always think in the best interests of our clients. That’s why, we find it crucial for Mr. Draper to have a full-fledge mobile app. Fact is, mobile apps are favoured by customers i.e. more than half of the internet surfers are using mobile devices for seeking information / purchase. We kept agile methodology for developing mobile app in React Native.

Calendar integration for appointment setting

Push notification – Firebase, deep Linking

Seamless integration of Google Calendar with the web and mobile app where setting an appointment with a stylist becomes all handy. Previously, the defined process was all messy and complicated, now it’s saving time and effort of their customers.

Push notifications feature wasn’t working before; we integrated it in a context where customers get latest updates, now they’re getting returning customers.

Deep linking used for funneling users deeper into the app, thus helping client in understanding the customer journey, and improvising purchase cycle.   

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New and returning customers are asking for the services more and more because of push notifications feature integration and easy-to-use interface. Also, mobile app has started driving traffic as well.

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