The store name is the core factor contributing to your business identity. A good name reflects the brand ideology and acts as a bridge between you and customers.

A customer must remember your store name if he or she intends to come back next time. Meaningful store name helps in building emotional or sense related connection.

Why store owners normally think of changing the name? First, if the customer cannot fully understand or pronounce the word right. This is usually true when you deal with the international market. 

Second, if your store name is somewhat similar to your competitors. Power of brand recognition is immense and makes you stand out from the competition. Similar names often confuse customers. 

Let’s say, you are running a store on Shopify and not happy with the results or you just want to start fresh, changing the store name is the first consideration. 

In this blog post, we will be helping you in ‘how can you change your Shopify store name, and URL’. 

How to change the Shopify store name?

Changing the store name is easy. Go to your Shopify store dashboard and you will find ‘Settings’ in the left menu at the bottom. 

Can you change your Shopify store name

From there, go to ‘General’ and you will see a ‘Store name’ field in ‘Store details’. 

Can you change your Shopify store name

After changing the name of the store, hit the ‘Save’ button given on the top right side of the screen.

Can you change your Shopify store name

How to change Shopify store URL or domain name?

Just changing the store name won’t change the Shopify URL. If you want to change the URL, you have to change the domain name. 

Open your admin dashboard and go to ‘Sales Channels’. Select ‘domains’ and you will see a screen like this:

Can you change your Shopify store name

Now you have multiple options for changing the domain name. 

Buy a new domain name

First, you can buy a new domain name if you are not happy with the current domain name. 

Second, connect the existing domain with your Shopify store.

Third, change the primary domain as given on the right side of the ‘Primary domain’ section.

Let’s just say, you want to buy a new domain name.

Can you change your Shopify store name

After getting the domain, you have to verify it with the email. 

Can you change your Shopify store name

Once you verify the domain name, you can set that domain as your primary domain. In the screen below, you can see the registered domain is ‘connected’.

Can you change your Shopify store name

So, if we want to change the primary domain, simply press the ‘Change primary domain’ option. 

Pick the one you want to set as the primary domain and hit ‘Save’. 

Can you change your Shopify store name

After saving, you will get a success message like this:

Can you change your Shopify store name

No matter what, if your customers are hitting the old domain they would be directed to the changed domain name as we have set it the primary domain. 

Final Verdict

The primary domain you set for your Shopify store will get all the links equity. Once you buy the custom domain name as we mentioned, you don’t have to get along with ‘’ part (as Shopify auto-generates your store URL like And the customer-facing URL would be like

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