Holiday marketing ideas 101 – 15 fun ways for marketing small businesses

Holidays are ideal for trying holiday marketing ideas / campaigns , simply because customers spend more than usual and even small businesses can make big bucks. 

Have you tried holiday marketing ideas in the past? Or too fearful to incentivize your customers since

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Holiday marketing ideas 101 – how can I optimize my Shopify store? 9 expert-backed tips

Do you know online store owners start implementing their holiday marketing ideas and strategies from October which they start preparing from June and July?

You are not prepared? And want some quick changes for Christmas and New Year?

Don’t worry, you are

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Everything you need to know about time and material vs fixed price engagement models

Usually clients are not familiar with the common engagement models applicable in the software development practices. 

Engagement model is an approach through which we engage and build relationships with our clients. Once you decide to outsource software development, the very next step is

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Average Flutter app development cost 2022: why should Flutter be your next project choice?

Cross-platform app development is a new normal replacing native app development (not completely but partially). Flutter is here for sometime now (released in 2017) and making strides in the development community. More than half of the developer’s community all around the world is liking

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Mobile app development trends to watch in 2022 [#9 is the winner]

Mobile ecosystem, market competition, and the COVID changed user behaviours thus their usage towards smartphones. Internet of Things, AR/ VR, AI/ML, blockchain, on-demand apps, chatbots, and wearables are some of the hot trends which are growing year after another. 

For instance, contactless payments

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A cheat sheet on software development outsourcing. Challenges, solutions and useful tips

Outsourcing is for established businesses, intercultural communication is a nightmare, project quality and results will be poor are some common myths associated with software development outsourcing. So not true.

It is quite amazing to notice the sheer growth in the digital sphere started

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Software development costs guide: Average cost estimation based on regions Best practices for reducing costs

‘How much’ and ‘how long’ will my project take are the ultimate questions clients ask almost in every discovery call. 

Software or app development cost whenever asked, the obvious answer is ‘it depends’. For sure, if you want a simple app it would

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Digitization is no more an option but a necessity in the Middle East

Digital transformation spending has increased up to 3 digits after the pandemic mainly because Mideast firms now realized that there is no other option but to adopt. 

UAE and regional companies have started spending more on their digital functioning following the pandemic outbreak.

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