Shopify does not allow multiple discounts at checkout by default, which is why store owners have to opt for either third party apps or induct other methods.

Official Shopify documentation states that they do not allow discounts stack, however one discount code per order. 

“At this time, Shopify doesn’t currently offer “stackable” discounts ; only one discount code can be used per order. That said, I know this is a wanted feature by many and something I’d love to see added to the platform. For this, I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to the existing feature request to show our teams there is further interest in implementing this in a future update.” Trevor, Shopify Community Moderator 

You can add multiple discounts on a single purchase, it’s just the matter of ‘how’. 

There is no need to worry as we know that there are a handful of features/ issues which Shopify has to integrate/ solve but we have to wait. Shopify multiple discount codes at checkout is one of them. 

Do you know?

+$1.5 billion Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend sales

Peak sales per minute – $870,000

Peak orders per minute – 10,978

(BFCM Shopify statistics 2021)

Shopify multiple discount codes

Think, you are facing the basic issues especially during holiday season, how this could affect your sales. 

In this blog post, we will share workarounds for Shopify multiple discount codes at checkout. Thank us later.

Solutions for Shopify multiple discount codes at checkout 

Although you will find many hacks around setting multiple discount codes on a single order, but by far the most easy, to-the-point and the one which makes sense is the third party app. 

1-Use third party apps

Volume and discounted pricing – we recommend

Shopify multiple discount codes

It is one of the best app for generating multiple discount codes at checkout. As you can see, they offer quantity breaks, volume discounts, tiered pricing and bulk discount. 

They have got a good rating on Shopify app store i.e. 4.9.

Furthermore, the app offers 7 days free trial which means if you don’t like using it, you can quit. The pricing plan of the app starts from $7.99/ month.

Shopify multiple discount codes


The discount app works with ‘all types of discount offers’. 

Shopify multiple discount codes

Let us list down.

-Spend amount, get discount (Spend $400 on summer collection – get 20% off)

-Volume discount / quantity breaks 

-Buy X for CA $ (Buy 3 items from summer collection of $400)

The app is useful in giving ‘volume discounts’ and ‘discount codes’.

Shopify multiple discount codes

Top 4 free Shopify discount generator apps

2-Combine discount code with gift card

You can combine one discount code with a gift card in a single order. Many of the Shopify store owners may not be aware of this very fact.

However, you can only use a gift card if there is some value left and only one customer can use it. In short, you have to generate unique gift cards for each customer. Painstaking right?

Final verdict

Although we shared two different methods for resolving Shopify multiple discount codes at checkout, we recommend a hassle-free (though expensive in comparison to gift cards) third party app ‘Volume and discounted pricing’. You have to bear monthly app expenses.

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