Humans are visual beings, and product messaging could never be more improved by using helpful visual aid. Adding rich media like images, videos, or 3d visuals clearly helps users understand the product online.

Since consumers cannot hold the product physically and they can only rely on the high-quality product images and videos, it is more than evident that you should be using images and videos on your product pages. Second, product images and videos are easily shareable on social media, thus holds power for driving buyers. 

Shopify offers many product page features but sometimes your theme may not allow you to embed the product video the easy way. 

That is why, in this blog post, we will be sharing ways regarding how to add video to product images Shopify.

How to add video to product images Shopify

Where to embed/ add the video on the product page?

Method 1: Featured product image section

Shopify allows you to add YouTube videos or native HTML 5 videos directly on your product pages. You can add one or more video on your product page and it will be resized as according to the user device screen size. 

In order to embed or add YouTube or Vimeo video, go to images section and upload an image. 

Add video to product images Shopify

Here you can see the ‘ALT’ text link option on product image. 

Add video to product images Shopify

Paste the Vimeo/Youtube video link in the field and press ‘done’. 

A small tip here is that, you need an image associated with the video especially if you showcase thumbnails. 

Method 2: Product description section

There may be a scenario where your theme may not allow you to add video in product gallery. In such cases, you can use product description section for embedding video. 

Here before adding video in product description make sure you are in ‘code view’. 

Add video to product images Shopify

You can place the video link after the description or before the description text. Up to you. 

Method 3: Use Split tag

The split tag acts more like a separate content block where the video will be added below the product images and description. 

This <! –split → tag must be added in code view. Otherwise, it may not work.

Add video to product images Shopify

Final verdict

We shared three simple methods via which you can easily embed or add YouTube or Vimeo videos to your online store along with the product images. It would take 2-3 minutes hardly. 

Although there are some Shopify themes that offer ‘video content block’ just like video homepage section. So that you can embed video apart from the product gallery as well. 

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